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Raja Natwarlal

Release Year - 2014
# 1
Confidence khel mein jaan zaroor dalta hai ... lekin overconfidence jaan le leta hai
Confidence definitely puts life into a game ... but overconfidence kills
# 2
Risk aur opportunity ke beech mein hi toh chance milta hai ... aur joh us chance ke saath romance karta hai ... wohi asli raja kehlata hai
You get a chance between risk and opportunity ... and the one who does romance with that chance ... is called a true king
# 3
Life is paise ki tarah hai ... bas ek baar kharch kar paoge
Life is like money ... you can only spend it once
# 4
Main paidahishi 420 hoon, jamoora nahi ... kartab dikhake haath nahi failata ... jaal failata hoon aur phir us jaal pe maal
I am a born cheater, not a sidekick ... I don't spread my hands after a show ... I spread a trap and then I collect money in that trap
# 5
Kheeche huye kaan se mila hua gyan ... hamesha yaad rehta hai
The lesson that you learn when your ears are pulled ... is remembered forever
# 6
Takleef mein saath dene waale ko bhale ek baar bhool jao ... lekin takleef dene wale ko kabhi mat bhoolna
For once you may forget the person who helped you in your problem ... but never forget the one who gave you the problem
# 7
Dosti pani hai aur paisa tel ... dono ko kabhi mix nahi karte
Friendship is water and money is oil ... you should never mix them
# 8
Bachana woh seekhta hai joh zyada kamana nahi jaanta
The one who learns to save doesn't know how to earn more money
# 9
Dimaag jitna thanda ... badla utna meetha
The calmer your mind is ... the sweeter the revenge will be
# 10
Mujhe Vardha se badla lena hai ... lekin usse maarke nahi ... usse zinda rakhke
I want to take revenge from Mr. Vardha ... but not by killing him ... by keeping him alive
# 11
Kismat choti si bachchi hai ... usse hide & seek khelna pasand hai
Luck is a small girl ... who likes to play hide & seek
# 12
Jeb mein Laxmikant ho toh life Pyarelal ban hi jaati hai
When you have money in your pocket then life becomes happy
# 13
Chitta mein shareer jalta hai ... karz nahi
A body burns in a pyre ... not the loan
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