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Hera Pheri (2000)

Release Year - 2000
# 1
Yeh Baburao ka style hai
This is Baburao's style
# 2
Saala, rakh diya toh bhi baat karta hai
Bloody I put him down, but he is still talking
# 3
Woh main mast tel mein fry karke, woh main kha gaya
That, I nicely deep fried it in oil and ate it
# 4
Kutriya saala, dekh ke number dial kar!
Bloody dog, look at the number when when you dial!
# 5
Utha le re baba, utha le ... mereko nahi re, in dono ko utha le
Lift it up God, lift it up ... not me, lift these two up
# 6
Devi ka prasad mandir mein milta hai ... garage mein nahin
You'll get God's sacrament in the temple ... not in a garage
# 7
Pehle mereko yeh samjha ki ... isko samjhana kya hai
First explain to me ... what I need to explain to him
# 8
Agar subah subah sandaas jana hai toh singer banna padega
If you want to go to the toilet early morning then you will have to become a singer
# 9
Sunday ko aa ... Sunday ko mast naha do ke aa
Come on Sunday ... Take a nice clean shower on Sunday and come
# 10
Pressure aa gaya ... pressure aa gaya ... haai pressure aa gaya
Pressure has come ... pressure has come ... oh pressure has come
# 11
Meri kundli mein khoon likha hai ... maloom hai na?
There is a murder written in my horoscope ... you know right?
# 12
Chai se zyada saala kitli garam hai
The kettle is hotter than the tea
Song Lyrics - Hera Pheri (2000)
Dene Wala Jab BhiDene Wala Jab Bhi
Jab Bhi Koi HaseenaJab Bhi Koi Haseena
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