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Phir Hera Pheri

Release Year - 2006
# 1
Arre baba wrong number hai toh uthati kaiko hai re?
If its a wrong number then why do you pick it up?
# 2
Amir aadmi pandhra minute mein apne kapde badalta hai, aadhe ghante mein apna ghar badalta hai, ek ghante mein apna dhanda badalta hai ... aur do ghante mein apni biwi badalta hai
A rich man changes his clothes in 15 minutes, changes his house in half an hour, changes his business in an hour ... and in a couple of hours changes his wife
# 3
Har dhoti pehenne waala Gandhi nahi hota
Everyone who wears a loincloth is not Gandhi
# 4
Iske mooh mein pehdaishi supari hai ... yeh totla hai
He has a nut in his mouth since birth ... he stammers
# 5
Yahan ki pani puri, poore Mumbai mein world famous hai
The pani puri out here, is world famous in entire Mumbai
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