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Women Dialogues

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# 41
Yeh joh tumhari society hai na ... is mein aaj bhi ladkiyan ghunghat ke peeche janam leve hai aur wahin mar jaave hai
In this society of yours ... even today girls are born behind a veil and they die right there
# 42
Jitna tum ladki ke peeche bhaagoge utna hi woh tumse door bhaagegi ... agar tum ladki ke peeche nahi bhaagoge toh woh confuse ho jayegi aur tumhare peeche bhaagegi ... yeh pata karne ke liye ki woh confuse kyun hai
The more you run behind a girl the more she will run far from you ... if you don't run behind a girl then she will get confused and she will run behind you ... to find out as to why is she confused
# 43
Ladki toh hoti hi hai tyag ka zehar peene ke liye
Girls are meant to drink the poison of sacrifice
# 44
Women can fake orgasm ... why the hell can't they fake silence?
Women can fake orgasm ... why the hell can't they fake silence?
# 45
Mard khana banaye toh kala hai ... aurat banaye toh uska farz hai
When a man cooks it's an art ... when a woman cooks it's her duty
# 46
Budhi ho ya jawaan ... melodrama is duniya ki sari auraton ke khoon mein hota hai
Be it old or young ... all the women of this world have melodrama in their blood
# 47
Gold toh gold hota hai ... chhora lave ya chhori
A gold medal is a gold medal ... whether a boy gets it or a girl
# 48
Har kamyaab insaan ke paache ek chori hose ... aur haare huye insaan ke paache bhi ek chori hose ... par haare huye insaan ke paache koi nahi khada hota
There is a woman behind every successful man ... and there is a woman also behind every unsuccessful man ... but no one stands behind an unsuccessful man
# 49
Auraton ke dil mom ke hote hai ... do meethi baaton se pighal jaate hai
The heart of women is made from wax ... it melts with a couple of sweet talks
# 50
Ladkiyan buses ki tarah hoti hai, ek jaati hai toh doosri aati hai ... lekin in saare buses mein sirf ek aaisi bus hoti hai joh tumhe apne ghar pahunchati hai ... aur woh bus miss nahi karna chahiye
Girls are like buses, one goes and another one comes along ... but amongst all the buses there is only one bus that takes you home ... and you should not miss that bus
# 51
Any discussion with a woman is an argument!
Any discussion with a woman is an argument!
# 52
Mard ka khoon aur aurat ke aasoon jab tak na bahe ... unki keemat nahi lagayi ja sakti
Until the blood of a man and the tears of a woman shed out ... you can't estimate their value
# 53
Akeli ladki khuli hui tijori ke jaisi hoti hai
A girl alone is like an open vault
# 54
Aurat maryam bankar zindagi de sakti hai ... toh chandi bankar zindagi le bhi sakti hai
If a woman can become Mother Mary and give birth ... then she can also become a fierce Goddess and take life
# 55
99% ladkiyo ko unka mann pasand ladka mil jaata hai ... lekin 99% ladko ko unki pasand ki ladkiya kabhi nahi milti
99% girls get the guy of their choice ... but 99% boys never get the girl of their choice
# 56
Ladki patao PR pao
Make a girl fall for you and get a PR (Permanent Residency)
# 57
Jis din insaan duniya ki kisi bhi ladki ko samajh gaya na ... us din duniya swarg ban jayegi
The day a man understands any girl in this world ... that day this world will become heaven
# 58
Duniya aurat chalati hai ... aadmi toh bas chalta hai
Women drive this world ... a man simply lives in it
# 59
Ladkiyon ko IQ nahi CQ chahiye ... "Cool Quotient"
Girls don't want IQ (Intelligence Quotient), they want CQ ... "Cool Quotient"
# 60
Mujhe do tarah ki ladkiyan pasand nahi aati ... ek woh joh mere pass aane mein bahut derr lagaye ... aur ek woh joh bahut jaldi aa jaye
I don't like girls of two types ... one who takes a lot of time to come to me ... and the other who comes to me very quickly
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