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Release Year - 2010
# 1
Mera to bas ek hi funda hai ... side uski lo jisme jeet apni ho
I have just one fundamental ... to win go with the winning side
# 2
Maine zindagi bhar sirf jhoot bola hai ... yahi mera sach hai
I have lied my whole life ... that is my truth
# 3
Achchai burai, sahi galat, ek hi sikke ke do pehlu hi toh hai ... na jaane kaun sa pehlu tumhari kismat ban jaaye ... kisko pata
Niceness evil, right wrong, they are two sides of a single coin ... which side will become your destiny ... who knows
# 4
Main bura hoon aur bura rehna chahta hoon ... it's good to be bad
I am bad and I want to remain bad ... it's good to be bad
# 5
Apni line khud banani chahiye ... airport ki ho yah haath ki
One should make their own line ... be it of the airport or the hand
# 6
Hum sab mein achchai bhi hai, hum sab mein burai bhi ... lekin joh apni burai ko dekhne ki himmat rakhe na ... wohi insaan hai
We all have goodness, we all have evilness ... but those who have the courage to see their own evilness ... they are real humans
# 7
Ladki patao PR pao
Make a girl fall for you and get a PR (Permanent Residency)
# 8
Meri kahani ka anth alag hai ... aur woh anth main khud likhoonga
The ending of my story is different ... and I will write that ending myself
# 9
Achchai aur burai ko alag karne waali lakeer seedha dil se nikalti hai
The line that separates the good and the bad goes straight from the heart
# 10
Panga na le faltu ... aayi bala ko taal tu
Don't take unnecessary trouble ... let the bad omen pass by
# 11
Sawa lakh se ek ladaun ... to hi Guru ka Sikh khelaun
When one fights with 1.25 lakh people ... only then he is called a Sikh by the Guru
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