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Anushka Sharma

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# 1
Joh tera haal hai, woh mera haal hai ... haal se haal mila, taal se taal mila
My condition is the same as yours ... let's unite in this condition of ours and dance together in rhythm
# 2
Pyar mein junoon hai par dosti mein sukoon hai
There is passion in love but there is peace in friendship
# 3
Izzat aur guroor mein dhaage bhar ka pharak hove hai
The difference between respect and arrogance is as thin as a thread
# 4
Duniya mein pyar se zyada dard kuch nahi hota
In this world there is no pain more than love
# 5
Ek ladki sirf itna hi chahti hai ... ki koi usse itna pyar kare ... jitna kisi ne kisi se na kiya ho
A girl only wants that ... someone loves her to the extent ... that no one has ever loved anyone
# 6
Boyfriends na filmon ki tarah hote hai ... kuch time pass toh kuch blockbusters
Boyfriends are like films ... some are just a time pass and some are blockbusters
# 7
Yeh haath nahi hatauda hai hatauda ... mooh pe pada na ... daant popcorn ki tarah bahar aa jayenge
These hands are like a hammer ... if it falls on your face ... then your teeth will come out like popcorn
# 8
Jab ek ladki ko khuli aankhon se sapne dikhne lagte hai na ... toh phir uski duniya badal jaati hai
When a girl starts to see dreams with open eyes ... then her world changes
# 9
Agar tune aaj give up kiya ... toh shayad bahar se zinda reh jaye ... magar andar se mar jayega hamesha ke liye
If you give up today ... then may be you'll be alive from the outside ... but from within you'll be dead forever
# 10
Kahi baar dard ka ilaaj dard hi hove hai
Many a times the cure of pain is pain itself
# 11
Main dikhti hoon maa jaisi sab kehte hai ... sab kehte hai, sach kehte hai ... par main hoon apne papa ki beti
Everyone says that I look like my mother ... if everyone says that, then they are telling the truth ... but I'm a daddy's girl
# 12
Sapne dekhna achchi baat hai ... par kahi baar unke peeche daudte daudte na apne peeche choot jaate hai
It's good to see dreams ... but many a times in running behind them you tend to leave your dear ones behind
# 13
Yeh joh tumhari society hai na ... is mein aaj bhi ladkiyan ghunghat ke peeche janam leve hai aur wahin mar jaave hai
In this society of yours ... even today girls are born behind a veil and they die right there
# 14
Milte hain market mein
I will meet you in the market
# 15
Sachche pyar mein dard nahi hota
There is no pain in true love
# 16
Naam roop ke bhed par kiya kabhi hai gaur ... naam mila kuch aur, shakal akal kuch aur ... agni raje bilkul thande, Shanti bhaiya chalaye dande ... poonch na peeche inch bhi naam phir bhi Hanuman, Arjunlal ke ghar mile na teer-kaman ... aur Moolchandji itne bhaari, darshan dete toot jaye kursi bechari
Have you ever thought about the differences between the name and the appearance ... the name describes something, and the body and mind describes something else ... like the fire is totally cold, and Shanti (peace) brother is using the sticks ... like there is not even an inch of a tail behind but the name is still is Hanuman, and like not finding a bow and arrow in Arjun's house ... also Mr. Moolchand is so heavy, that the poor chair breaks just by seeing him
# 17
Shehar ke har bridge par hote hai ATM ... jitne paise chahiye nikaal lo ... aur har sunsaan gali mein hoti hai kapadon ki dukaan ... joh pasand aaye pehen lo
Every bridge of the city has a ATM ... remove as much money as you want ... and in every quiet street there is a shop of clothes ... wear whatever you like
# 18
Business ka first rule ... jiske saath vyapaar karo, usse kabhi na pyar karo
First rule of business ... with whom you trade, never fall in love with them
# 19
Ab tak sab khayali tha, abhi abhi toh jaage re ... tu hi sach, jhuk gaya tere aage re ... ab tu na chhod mirza ko, tujh bin jholi khaali re ... O sahiban ejire ki chhot hai laagi re
Until now everything was just an imagination, I've just now woken up ... you're the truth and I've bowed down in front of you ... now you don't let go your lover as I'm empty without you ... hey beloved, I'm injured from the wound of my heart
# 20
Aaj friend bol raha hai ... kal I love you bol dega
Today you are calling me a friend ... tomorrow you might say I love you
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