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Romance Dialogues

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# 121
Yeh meri himmat kahan ki main aapse shikva karoon ... aap hona chahte hai bewafaa, ho jahiye ... aapke kadamon par laakar rakh di hai dil aur jaan ... meri mohabbat ki duniya ke khuda ho jahiye
I don't have the courage to complain against you ... if you want to become unfaithful, then so be it ... I have kept my heart and life in your feet ... please become the god of my love life
# 122
Jab choti choti baaton mein hum haste the rote the, tabse tumse pyar kiya hai ... jab bin mausam barsaaton mein hum jhoom jhoom ke gaate the, tabse tumse pyar kiya hai ... jab chup chupke aadhi raaton mein chatt pe taare ginte the, tabse tumse pyar kiya hai ... ab toh khud bhi bhool chuka hoon main ki kabse tumse pyar kiya hai ... bas itna hi keh sakta hoon main ... ki sirf tumse, tum hi se pyar kiya hai
I love you since we used to laugh and cry on small small things ... I love you since we used to dance and sing in the off-seasonal rains ... I love you since we used to count the stars in the middle of the night from the terrace ... now I have myself forgotten since when I have been in love with you ... but I can only say that ... I love you and I only love you
# 123
Gusse se bolegi, nahi jaonga ... pyar se bolegi, marr bhi jaonga
If you say with anger, then I won't go ... and if you say with love, then I am ready to die also
# 124
Mujhe darr toh bahut si cheezon se lagta hai ... par sabse zyada darr tumhe kho dene ke khayal se lagta hai
I am scared of a lot of things ... but the thing that scares me the most is the thought of losing you
# 125
Zindagi mein log mohabbat ke sahare jeete hai ... main aapki nafrat ke sahare jeeonga
In life people live with the help of love ... I will live with the help of your hatred
# 126
Woh hai sabse bura ... woh hum insaano ke saath ajeeb tarah ke khel khelta hai ... woh ek ko doosre se pyar karwata hai, toh doosre ko teesre se, aur teesre ko kisi aur se
God is very mean ... he plays a very strange game with us humans ... he makes one person love a second person, he makes the second person love a third person, and he makes the third person love someone else
# 127
Aap hai gul-e-gulzar, mausam-e-bahar ... chehre par hai gussa, dil mein hai pyar ... aa gale lag ja mere yaar
You are a beautiful flower of the spring ... you have anger on your face and love in your heart ... come give me a hug my friend
# 128
Jaan toh woh bhi leta hai, joh tadpata hai aur phir khud hi marham ban jaata hai ... ishq
Even that thing takes your life, which torments you first and then itself becomes the medicine ... which we call as love
# 129
Ishq ... joh toofani dariya se bagavat kar jaaye woh ishq ... bhare darbar mein joh duniya se ladh jaaye woh ishq ... joh mehboob ko dekhe toh khuda ko bhool jaaye woh ishq
Love ... that battles stormy waters is love ... that fights against the world in front of everyone is love ... that forgets God when it sees their beloved is love
# 130
Unse mohabbat kamaal ki hoti hai ... jinka milna muqaddar mein nahi hota
You love some people more than anything .... especially them who aren't destined to unite with you
# 131
Yun nazar ki baat ki aur dil chura gaye ... hum toh samjhe the bud, aap toh dhadkan suna gaye
You talked about sight and stole my heart ... I thought you were a statue, but you made me hear a beat
# 132
Jab jab dard ka baadal chaya, jab gham ka saaya lehraya, jab aasoon palkon tak aya, jab yeh tanha dil ghabraya ... humne dil ko yeh samjhaya, dil aakhir tu kyun rota hai ... duniya mein yunhi hota hai ... yeh joh gehre sannate hai, waqt ne sabko hi baante hai ... thoda gham hai sabka qissa, thodi dhoop hai sabka hissa ... aankh teri bekaar hi namm hai, har pal ek naya mausam hai ... kyun tu aise pal khota hai, dil aakhir tu kyun rota hai
Whenever the cloud of pain loomed, whenever the shadow of sadness waved, whenever tears reached my eyelids, whenever this lonely heart was worried ... I asked, why do you cry my heart ... this is what happens in the world ... this deep silence, time has given it to everyone ... everyone has a little bit of sorrow, everyone has a little bit of sunshine ... your eyes are wet for no reason, in every moment there is a new season ... why do you lose moments like that, why do you cry my heart
# 133
Jaan usse do joh apna dil tumhe de ... lekin apna guroor sirf us pe kurbaan karo ... joh tumhare pyar mein fanaa ho jaye
Give your life for someone who gives his heart for you ... but sacrifice your pride only for someone ... who can perish in your love
# 134
Tumsa koi aur is zameen pe hua, toh rab se shikayat hogi ... tumhe chahane waala koi aur hua, toh qayamat se pehle qayamat hogi
If there is anyone like you on the earth, then I will complain to God ... and if there is someone else who loves you, then there will be a disaster before a disaster
# 135
Kya koi kisi se itna pyar kar sakta hai ki uski jaan lele?
Can a person love someone so much that he can take that persons life?
# 136
No complaints, no demands
No complaints, no demands
# 137
Hum sainkadon janam lete hai ... kabhi pati patni bankar, kabhi premi bankar, toh kabhi anjaane bankar ... lekin milte zaroor hai aakhir mein ... nahi milenge toh kahani khatam kaise hogi ... isse pyar kehte hai
We are born multiple times ... sometimes as husband and wife, sometimes as lovers, and sometimes as strangers ... but in the end we definitely meet ... because the story won't end if we don't meet ... this is what is called as love
# 138
Thappad se darr nahi lagta sahab ... pyar se lagta hai
I am not afraid of a slap ... I am scared of love
# 139
Toh kya hua agar maine jhoot sirf tumhe paane ke liye kaha tha ... toh kya hua agar tumhare chehre ke sivah mujhe koi aur chehra dikhai nahi deta ... toh kya hua agar tumhare naam ke sivah mujhe koi aur naam yaad nahi rehta ... toh kya hua agar yeh awara tumhe deewano ki tarah pyar karta hai ... toh kya hua ... pyar sab kuch toh nahi hota na
So what if I lied only to achieve you ... so what if I can't see any face other than yours ... so what if I can't remember any name other than yours ... so what if this vagabond loves you like crazy ... so what ... after all love is not everything
# 140
Yaad rakhna ki duniya ke kisi kone mein ek aadmi hai joh bahut khush hai ... kyun ki tum khush ho
Remember in some corner of the world there is a person who is very happy ... because you are happy
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