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Kiron Kher

# 1
Jaan usse do joh apna dil tumhe de ... lekin apna guroor sirf us pe kurbaan karo ... joh tumhare pyar mein fanaa ho jaye
Give your life for someone who gives his heart for you ... but sacrifice your pride only for someone ... who can perish in your love
# 2
Ek aurat ki mohabbat aur ek mard ki mohabbat mein bahut fark hota hai
There is a lot of difference between a man's love and a woman's love
# 3
Mohabbat kitaabon mein hoti hai, shayari mein hoti hai ... zindagi mein nahi
Love exists in books and in poems ... not in life
# 4
Bees saalon ke zakhm ... bees dino mein nahi bhare jaate hai
The wounds of 20 years ... cannot be filled in 20 days
# 5
Haddein jitni zyada hongi ... unke tootne ka darr bhi utna hi hoga
The more the limitations ... more will be the fear of breaking them
# 6
Thodi tondh honi chahiye ... sukhi aadmi ki nishani hai
One should have a little bit of belly ... it is the sign of a happy man
# 7
Lagta hai iske style ki maa bahen ho chuki hai
Looks like his style has got screwed
# 8
Jeete raho ... phulo phalo ... khair chodo
Live long ... grow your family ... well let it be
# 9
Tumne destiny ko test kiya hai ... ab destiny tumhe test kar rahi hai
You have tested destiny ... now destiny is testing you
# 10
Rishton ke phoolon ko baandne se hi guldasta banta hai
A bouquet is formed by tying the flowers of relationships
# 11
Taqdeer se badkar hai vishvas ... kyun ki agar insaan mein vishvas ho toh woh apni taqdeer ko badal sakta hai
Belief is bigger than destiny ... because if a person has belief in him then he can change his destiny
# 12
Hormones dimag mein gus jaate hai ... aur dimag sadh jaata hai
Hormones get inside the mind ... and the mind gets rusted
# 13
Mausiki ki taseer aaise dil se nikalti hai ... joh paakh saaf ho
The effect of music comes from a heart ... which is completely pure
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