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Romance Dialogues

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# 201
Ab mujhe tumhe pyar karne se koi nahi rok sakta ... tum bhi nahi
Now no one can stop me from loving you ... not even you
# 202
Love, pyar, ishq, mohabbat ... jab hota hai, jisko hota hai ... duniya badal deta hai
Love, romance ... when it happens, to whom it happens ... it changes the world
# 203
Kaash mein oon ka gola hota ... aur unki ungliyon mein lipta hota
I wish I was a roll of wool ... and I would have been tied up in her fingers
# 204
Tumse pyar karna mera talent hai
Loving you is my talent
# 205
Tussi ja rahe ho? ... tussi na jao
Are you going? ... please don't go
# 206
Dil mein hasratein pehda is liye hoti hai ... ke ek din poori ho sake
Desires are born within a heart so that ... one day they can be fulfilled
# 207
Ab agar kisi ne tumhe mujhse cheen liya ... toh mera guroor haar jayega
Now if anyone steals you from me ... then my pride will loose
# 208
Pyar ek parchai ki tarah hai ... jab tak uski aadat padh jaati hai, shaam ho jaati hai
Love is like a shadow ... the sun sets by the time you get used to it
# 209
Bhichad ke tujhse ab mujhe marna hai ... yeh tajurba issi zindagi mein karna hai
I have to separate from you and die ... and I have to experience that in this life itself
# 210
Pyar woh safar hai joh meelon mein nahi ... gehrai mein naapa jaata hai
Love is not a journey that is measured by miles ... it's measured by depth
# 211
Saare jahan ka dard sametkar, jab kudrat se kuch na ban saka ... toh usne tumhari yeh do aankhen bana di
After accumulating all the pain of the world, when God couldn't make anything ... he then made these two eyes of yours
# 212
Aaj pehli baar koi ladki ... hamari car ke front seat pe behti hai
Today for the first time a girl ... is sitting on the front seat of my car
# 213
Mere kuch sapne the, apne sapne the ... par tumse milne ke baad ... tumhare khwab mere khwab ban gaye ... tumhari zindagi meri zindagi ban gayi
I had some dreams, my own dreams ... but after meeting you ... your dreams became my dreams ... your life became my life
# 214
Koi bhi mazaak karlo ... lekin apne se bichadne ki baat mazaak mein bhi mat karna
You can joke about anything ... but don't talk about separating from you even in a joke also
# 215
Kya tumne kabhi bhi ... ek din ke liye bhi ... ek pal ke liye bhi ... mujhse pyar kiya tha?
Have you ever ... even for a day ... even for a moment ... loved me?
# 216
Humne bahut dekhe hai ishq mein jaan dene waale ... par kya karen huzoor aashiqui dillagi nahi hoti
I have seen many people who can give their life for love ... but what to do love is not pleasantry
# 217
Tujhe is bazaar ka dastoor main samjha nahi sakta ... bik gaya joh woh khareedar ho nahi sakta
I cannot explain you the practice of this market ... one who gets sold, cannot be the buyer
# 218
Morni bina mor kis kaam ka ... yeh sindoor hai Ram naam ka
A peahen without a peacock is of no use ... and this vermilion is in the name of Ram
# 219
Hum chahe bandhan mein bandhe na bandhe ... jazbaat ka rishta toh dil se hai
Whether we're tied in a bond or not ... the relationship of emotions is with the heart
# 220
Woh aaj humse mile anjaano ki tarah ... hum yunhi raah take baithe the deewanon ki tarah ... har nigaah mein aur door chale jaate hai ... humse nazar churate hai baimaanon ki tarah ... hum yunhi raah take baithe the deewanon ki tarah
She met me today like a stranger ... I was waiting for her like crazy ... in every sight she kept going farther away ... she was avoiding me with dishonesty ... I was waiting for her like crazy
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