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Romance Dialogues

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# 181
Naam loonga toh woh badnaam ho jayegi
If I take her name she will get disgraced
# 182
Hamare dil ek saath dhadakte hai ... aur ek saath rukte bhi hai
Our hearts beat together ... and they stop together as well
# 183
Behti hai hoton ko seekar, pachtayengi aap ... ishq jaag uthta hai aksar, aaisi khamoshi ke baad
You are sitting with your lips sealed, you will repent ... usually love rises, after such silence
# 184
Main zindagi mein sab kuch baant sakti hoon par tumhe nahi ... tum sirf mere ho, sirf mere
I can share everything in life except you ... you are only mine, only mine
# 185
Pyar karo usse joh pyar ke kabil ho
Love someone who is capable of being loved
# 186
Nawazish, karm, shukriya, meherbani ... mujhe baksh diya aapne zindagani
Kindness, deeds, thanks, courtesy ... you have blessed me with a life
# 187
Kiss ho nahin paati yaar ... kyun ki naak beech me aa jaati hai
Never have been able to kiss ... because the nose comes in between
# 188
Kuch kuch hota hai Anjali, tum nahi samjhogi
Something something happens Anjali, you won't understand
# 189
Heere mein heera ho toh usse kehte hai Kohinoor ... Rao ka naam lete hi Kashi ke chehre par aata hai noor
The best of the diamonds is called as the Kohinoor ... and Kashi's face lights up when Rao's name is called
# 190
Joh dil jeette hai woh kabhi haarte nahi
Those who win hearts can never lose
# 191
Jab mujhe pyar se pyar tha, tab tum bahut pasand thi ... ab jab mujhe pyar hi pasand nahi, toh tum kaise pasand aaogi?
When I was in love with love, then I liked you a lot ... and now that I don't like love itself, then how can I like you?
# 192
Jab koi pyar mein hota hai ... toh koi sahi galat nahin hota
When someone is in love ... then there is no right wrong
# 193
Maana mera tareeka galat tha ... par kya karoon, tumse bahut pyar karta hoon
I agree that my way was wrong ... but what can I do, I love you a lot
# 194
Duniya mein kitni hai nafratein ... phir bhi dilon mein hai chahatein ... jao kehdo is jahan se, is zameen se, aasman se ... rok na sakenge ab yeh mohabbatein
There is so much hatred in the world ... but still there is love in the hearts ... go and say to the world, to the land, to the sky ... that they will not be able to stop this love
# 195
Dil-e-nadaan tujhe hua kya hai ... aakhir is dard ki dawa kya hai?
What has happened to you my silly heart ... and what is the cure for this pain?
# 196
Tum ho toh hum hai ... hum hai toh sab kuch hai ... varna kuch nahi, kuch bhi nahi
I am because of you ... and if we are there then everything is there ... otherwise there is nothing, absolutely nothing
# 197
Khuda ne jab tujhe banaya hoga, ek suroor uske dil mein aaya hoga ... socha hoga kya doonga tohfe mein tujhe, tab ja ke usne mujhe banaya hoga
When God must have created you, a passion must have come in his heart ... he must have thought what could he give you as a gift, and then he must have created me
# 198
Mohabbat aur nafrat dono ke rang laal hai ... lekin fark yeh hai ki nafrat se duniya barbaad ho jaati hai ... aur mohabbat mein khud barbaad hona padta hai ... phir bhi kalank aksar mohabbat pe lagta hai
The colour of love and hatred both are red ... but the difference is that in hatred the world gets destroyed ... and in love you have to destroy yourself ... but still love is the one that gets defamed
# 199
Ab mujhe tumhe pyar karne se koi nahi rok sakta ... tum bhi nahi
Now no one can stop me from loving you ... not even you
# 200
Kabhi kabhi dosti mohabbat ki jagah le leti hai ... aur phir mohabbat ke liye jagah hi nahin rehti
Sometimes friendship takes over the place of love ... and then love has no place left
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