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Life Dialogues

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# 121
Jhooti umeedo pe jeene se achcha hai ... kisi ke sachche pyar mein apni poori life guzaar do
Rather than living on false hopes ... it is better to live your entire life in someone's love
# 122
Hum sab kuch chhod denge ... yeh ghar, yeh duniya, yeh zindagi
I will leave everything ... this house, this world, this life
# 123
College di gate de is taraf hum life ko nachate hai ... te duji taraf life humko nachati hai
On this side of the college gate we make life to dance ... and on the other side of the gate life makes us dance
# 124
Koi yeh bhoolke bhi na soche ki hum mein ab zindagi nahi bachi ... jitni bhi hai, jaisi bhi hai ... zindagi bahut khoobsurat hai
No one should ever think that there is no life left in me now ... how much ever it is, howsoever it is ... life is very beautiful
# 125
Jeeyo itna ki zindagi kam padh jaave ... hasso itna ki rona mushkil ho jaave ... gusse ko thook do aur haste haste apne dushmano ko phook do
Live so much that life feels short ... laugh so much that crying becomes hard ... spit your anger out and laughingly eliminate your enemy
# 126
Ab zindagi tujhe takleef nahi degi ... woh takleef dega tujhe
Now life won't give you any trouble ... God will give you the trouble
# 127
Main zindagi se nahi ... apne aap se naraaz hoon
Not with life ... I am displeased with myself
# 128
Kisi ki zindagi tabah karni ho ... toh unhe zinda rakhna zaroori hai
When you need to destroy someones life ... then it is important to keep them alive
# 129
Life mein teen cheezo ko kabhi underestimate nahi karna chahiye ... love, sex aur dokha
Never underestimate 3 things in life ... love, sex and betrayal
# 130
Har insaan do zindagiyon ke saath aata hai ... ek joh usse milti hai aur ek joh woh khud banata hai
Every person comes with two life's ... one that he gets and the other that he himself makes
# 131
Pyar hi toh woh jaado hai ... joh umar bhar jawan banaye rakhta hai
Love is that magic ... that keeps us young all our life
# 132
Jaan mat maangna ... iski bazaar mein koi keemat nahi hai
Don't ask for my life ... it has no value in the market
# 133
Apni zindagi uske saath mat jodo jisse tum pyar karti ho ... uske saath jodo joh tumhe pyar karta hai
Don't connect your life with the person whom you love ... connect your life with the person who loves you
# 134
Jaan se zyada yahan zubaan ki keemat hoti hai
Here the value of words is more than life
# 135
Har ladki ki life mein ek umar aati hai jab usse realise hota hai ki ab uski life ... ek driver, ek bodyguard, ek naukar aur ek ATM ke bina nahi chal sakti ... aur ab ladki itna sab kuch toh afford kar sakti nahi na ... toh ladkiyan dhoondti hai boyfriend
In every girl's life there comes a moment when she realises that now her life ... will not work without a driver, a bodyguard, a servant and an ATM machine ... and since every girl can't afford all of this ... that's why girls look for a boyfriend
# 136
Zindagi mein kuch rishtey hum khud chunte hai ... aur kuch rishtey Rabji hamare liye chunte hai
In life we choose some relationships ... and God chooses some for us
# 137
Zindagi ek jigsaw puzzle ki tarah hai ... mere jaise log us puzzle ke khoye hue tukde, sirf dhoondne aur jodne mein madad kar sakte hai ... par only you can complete the puzzle
Life is like a jigsaw puzzle ... people like me can only help you in finding and connecting the puzzle pieces ... but only you can complete the puzzle
# 138
Life mein jab time kam rehta hai na ... double jeene ka, double
In life when you have less time ... live double, double
# 139
Taambe ko joh sona bana de, patthar mein joh heera tarashe, taqdeer ko talwar bana de, maut ko joh jeena sikha de ... hai kuch aaise log joh jeete hai shaan se aur aazmaate hai apni jaan se ... hai jeetna inki fitrat, jab hathyaar hai inka luck
One who turns copper into gold, one who finds a diamond in the rough, one who turns his fate into a sword, one who teaches death to live ... there are some people who live with pride and keep trying with their life ... to win is their nature, when luck is their weapon
# 140
Kal tak joh ajnabi tha, dil aaj ussi ko chahta hai ... zindagi dene waale tujhpe, mar jaane ko jee chahta hai
The one who was a stranger until yesterday, today the heart loves him ... oh god I wish to give my life for you
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