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Release Year - 2018
# 1
Genius toh woh hota hai jiske paas character ho ... genius toh woh hota hai joh har paristithi mein zindagi ki ladai ladta hai aur jeet'ta hai ... woh genius hai
A genius is someone who has character ... a genius is someone who fights with life under any circumstances and wins ... such a person is called a genius
# 2
Dil se main khelta nahi ... aur dimaag se khelne deta nahi
I don't play with my heart ... and I don't allow others to play with my mind
# 3
Dil ko rashtriya khel ghoshit kar dena chahiye ... sab khelte hai iske saath
We should name the heart as our national sport ... since everyone plays with it
# 4
Jaan dene ki cheez nahi hai ... lene ki hoti hai
Life is not something that one should give ... it's something that one should take
# 5
Apni betiyon ki izzat bachane ke liye yeh tiranga sau daffa kat sakta hai ... aur is tirange ki aan bachane ke liye hum bharatwasi hazar daffa mar sakte hai ... aur tujh jaiso ko lakhon lakhon lakhon tukdon mein phaad sakte hai
This tri-coloured flag is ready to tear apart a hundred times to save the honour of its daughters ... and we Indians are ready to die a thousand times to save the honour of this tri-coloured flag ... also we can tear you apart into millions of pieces
# 6
There is no great genius without some touch of madness
There is no great genius without some touch of madness
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Dil Meri Na SuneDil Meri Na Sune
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