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Release Year - 2003
# 1
Jhoot aur fareb se joh jitni bhi oonchai pe khada hota hai ... usse ek din utna hi neeche dekhna padta hai
When you stand at great heights using lies and cheats ... then one day you have to look down that far from those heights
# 2
Business mein oonchai kaminepan se nahi ... commitment poora karne se milti hai
Growth in business is achieved by completing commitments ... not by being sneaky
# 3
Apni zindagi uske saath mat jodo jisse tum pyar karti ho ... uske saath jodo joh tumhe pyar karta hai
Don't connect your life with the person whom you love ... connect your life with the person who loves you
# 4
Bahut kam log hote hai jinka pyar apni manzil tak pahunchta hai
There are a very few people whose love reaches their destination
# 5
Jitni tumhari property hai na ... utni jagah par sirf hamare ghode palte hai
The amount of property you have ... in that much space I only raise my horses
# 6
Aksar bade logon ki baatein samajh mein nahi aati
Usually it is hard to understand what big people say
# 7
Life style se nahi chalti ... uske liye kuch kaam kaaj karna zaroori hota hai
You can't live your life just with style ... you have to work for it
# 8
Zindagi aaise jiyo joh khud ko achchi lage
Life your life such that you yourself should like it
# 9
Kisi ke liye nafrat itni geheraiyo tak agar utar jaaye ... utne geheraiyo tak usse pyar bhi hota hai
When you hate someone to a great extent ... then you tend to love the person to the same extent
# 10
Dhanda karte hai chote log ... bade log karte hai business
Small people trade ... big people do business
# 11
Achche dost toh khushiyan baant kar aur bhi khush hote hai
Good friends share happiness and become more happier
# 12
Kisi ke dukh sukh mein sharik hone ke liye ... koi rishta hona toh zaroori nahi hai
To participate in others happiness and sorrow ... you don't have to be related to them
# 13
Ghar saaf sutra ho, toh mann bhi khush rehta hai
If your home is clean, then your heart also stays happy
# 14
Zindagi mein galati aur gunaah, har ek se hota hai ... magar gunaah karne ke baad usse chupana, usse bhi bada gunaah hai
Everyone commits a mistake and crime in life ... but to hide the crime after committing it, is an even bigger crime
# 15
Tum zara mooh kam kholo aur dimaag zyada khula rakho
Open your mouth less and keep your mind open more
# 16
Shaadi koi chand dino ki mauj masti nahi hai ... poori zindagi ka khel hai
Marriage is not a funny thing played for a few days ... it is a game played for the entire life
# 17
Insaan galatiyon ka putla hai
A human is a statue of mistakes
# 18
Hawa mein meethi si thandak hai ... aur chaand ki roshni mein ajeeb si khushboo
There is some sweet coldness in the air ... and there is some strange fragrance in the light of the moon
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