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Life Dialogues

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# 181
Zindagi mein jab sirf ek hi raasta bacha ho ... toh kya galat aur kya sahi ... koi mainey nahi rakhta
In life when there is only one path left ... then what is wrong and what is right ... doesn't matter at all
# 182
Meri zindagi aur maut par toh hukumat kar sakte hai aap ... lekin mere dil par nahi
You can rule over my life and death ... but not over my heart
# 183
Zindagi ka agar sahi lufz uthana hai na ... toh maut se khelo
If you want to really enjoy life ... then play with death
# 184
Jaan dene ki cheez nahi hai ... lene ki hoti hai
Life is not something that one should give ... it's something that one should take
# 185
Jab tum smile karta hai na ... toh aisa lagta hai ki kya mast life hai
When you smile ... it feels as if life is great
# 186
Tawaif ki zindagi kothe pe shuru hoti hai ... aur kabristan mein khatam hoti hai
The life of a prostitute starts in a brothel ... and ends in a graveyard
# 187
Is pistol mein teen zindagi, teen maut bandh hai ... dekhen kisse kya milta hai
In this gun there are 3 lifes and 3 deaths ... let's see who gets what
# 188
Aadmi di zindagi vich jab sahi aurat aa jandi hai na ... tab woh zindagi poori tarah jeenda hai
When the right woman comes in a man's life ... he then lives his life to the fullest
# 189
Ab mujhe life mein khushi chahiye ... khud-khushi nahi
Now I want happiness in life ... not suicide
# 190
Jis din tu isse zindagi dega ... main isse maut doonga, maut, sirf maut!
The day you give him life ... I will give him death, death, only death!
# 191
Life mein sahi waqt pe baat karna bahut zaroori hai ... varna baat bighad sakti hai
In life, it is very important to talk at the right time ... or else things can go bad
# 192
Ek achcha insaan banane ke liye aadmi ko puri zindagi bhi kam padti hai ... aur bura insaan banane ke liye sirf ek lamha kaafi hai
For a person to become into a good human being, even the whole life is less ... and to become into an evil person, even one moment is more than enough
# 193
Zindagi mein chahe kuch bhi ho jaye ... jeene ke liye hamesha kahin na kahin, koi na koi, wajah zaroor hoti hai
No matter what happens in life ... somewhere, somehow, there is always a reason behind living life
# 194
Izzat ki maut zillat ki zindagi se kahin achchi hai
Death with respect is much better than life with humiliation
# 195
Maa baap zindagi ke pedh ki jadh hai
Parents are the roots of the tree of life
# 196
Aurat maryam bankar zindagi de sakti hai ... toh chandi bankar zindagi le bhi sakti hai
If a woman can become Mother Mary and give birth ... then she can also become a fierce Goddess and take life
# 197
Zindagi mein kuch bhi hone se pehle, imaandar hona bahut zaroori hai
In life before you become anything, it's important to be honest
# 198
Zindagi ek bhel puri ki tarah hai ... jis mein kuch meethi cheezein hoti hai, meri tarah ... aur kuch teekhi cheezein hoti hai, tumhari tarah
Life is like a savoury snack ... in which there are some sweet things, like me ... and some spicy things, like you
# 199
Kabhi kabhi zindagi mein kuch cheezein bina sooche karni chahiye
Sometimes in life you should do things without thinking
# 200
Agar do din ki zindagi bhi aaisi ho jaye ... toh teesre din marna manzoor hai
If life becomes like this for a couple of days ... then I am ready to die the third day
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