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Saif Ali Khan

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# 81
Inspector saab kanoon aur farz ke rakhwaale baad mein banna ... pehle dil ke rakhwaale bano
Mr. Policeman you should become the protector of law and duty ... after you become the protector of the heart
# 82
Sachchai ke aasoon se dil pighla karte hai ... tum jaise patthar nahi
The tears of truth can melt hearts ... not stones like you
# 83
Tu toh bewakoof haiga ... chutiya toh aadmi shaadi ke baad hi hove hai
Surely you are a fool ... because a man becomes an idiot only after he gets married
# 84
Joh aankhon se dikh jaaye ... woh zakhm hi kya
What can be seem from the eyes ... that wound is nothing
# 85
Mere do hi rule hai ... rule no. 1, mera paisa kabhi khona nahi ... aur rule no. 2, rule no. 1 kabhi bhoolna nahi
I have only two rules ... rule no. 1, never lose my money ... and rule no. 2, never forget rule no. 1
# 86
Zindagi ki raftar jitni tezz hai ... traffic utni hi rukavatein daal deta hai ... kai baar raaste badalne padte hai ghar pahunchne ke liye
The faster the speed of life is ... the traffic puts that many blocks ... many a times you have to change my path to reach home
# 87
I can talk cars, I can walk cars ... infact main khud hi ek car hoon
I can talk cars, I can walk cars ... infact I'm myself a car
# 88
Maut ki taiyaari pehda hote hi shuru ho jaati hai
The preparation for death starts right when that person is born
# 89
99% kahaniyan "I Love You" pe khatam ho jaati hai ... pata hai kyun? ... it's the beginning of the end
99% stories end on "I Love You" ... you know why? ... because it's the beginning of the end
# 90
Mohabbatein karna aur mohabbaton ko jeetna ... yeh toh hamara kaam hai
To love and to win love ... is my work
# 91
Joh kaal ke saath badal jaaye woh akaal hi kaisa
The one who changes with time ain't a timeless person
# 92
I'm going to jack off till my d*ck falls off
I'm going to jack off till my d*ck falls off
# 93
Jab dillagi dil ki lagi ban jaati hai ... toh patthar dil bhi pighal jaate hai
When pleasantry turns into love ... then even the stone hearted people melt
# 94
Kisi ko apne haath se khana khilane ka mauka milna ... rab ki badi meher hoti hai
To feed food to someone made by your own hands ... is a great blessing of God
# 95
Dame ki bimari kuch aaisi hai jaise ghar aaya hua mehmaan ... aaj hai, kal nahi
Asthma is like a guest in the house ... it's there today, but gone tomorrow
# 96
Koi aur jeete, uske liye aaise dil se taali bajao jaise tum apne liye sunna chahti ho ... toh is tarah kabhi koi haarta nahi hai ... hum sub kisi na kisi tarah jeet ke hissedaar hote hai
When someone else wins, clap for them from your heart just the way you wanted to hear the claps for youself ... that way no one loses ... we all become a part of the victory in some way or the other
# 97
Kya house hai, kya blouse hai, kya aapka koi spouse hai?
What a house, what a blouse, do you have a spouse?
# 98
Har Ram ka apna Ravan ... har Ram ka apna Dussehra
Every Lord Rama has his own Ravana ... every Lord Rama has his own festival of Dussehra
# 99
Honth tharthara rahe hai, kaanpe lagi nazar ... yeh jaadu hai, junoon ya, kisi ke ishq ka asar
The lips are shivering, the eyes are blinking ... is this magic or passion or the effect of someone's love
# 100
Aap sir hamare khandan par kalank hai ... aap nange TV par gir gaye ... aap nange ladies par nahi gir sakte the
You're a disgrace to our family ... you fell naked on the TV ... why couldn't you fall naked on a woman
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