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Laal Kaptaan

Release Year - 2019
# 1
Zyada bhala na bolna ... zyada bhali na choop ... zyada bhala na barasna ... zyada bhali na dhoop
One should neither speak too much ... nor stay quiet all the time ... just like it's not good to have too much rain ... nor too much sunshine
# 2
Aadmi ke paida hote hi kaal apne bhaise pe baithke chal padta hai usse vapis lewane ... aadmi ki zindagi utni jitna samay us bhaise ko laga us tak pahunchne mein
When a person is born then time sits on his buffalo and leaves to get him back ... hence the life of that person is equal to the time that it takes for that buffalo to reach him
# 3
Joh aankhon se dikh jaaye ... woh zakhm hi kya
What can be seem from the eyes ... that wound is nothing
# 4
Maut ki taiyaari pehda hote hi shuru ho jaati hai
The preparation for death starts right when that person is born
# 5
Joh kaal ke saath badal jaaye woh akaal hi kaisa
The one who changes with time ain't a timeless person
# 6
Anjaane ko na jagaiye, jaane kaun jaag jaaye ... yeh teeno sote mare ... singh, saanp aur kaal
Don't wake up an unknown person, since you never know what he'll turn into ... it's always good to kill these three while they're sleeping ... a lion, a snake and time
# 7
Har Ram ka apna Ravan ... har Ram ka apna Dussehra
Every Lord Rama has his own Ravana ... every Lord Rama has his own festival of Dussehra
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