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Saif Ali Khan

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# 41
Sher hoon main sher ... aur sher tab tak raja hota hai jab tak akela rehta hai
I'm a lion ... and a lion is a king until he's single
# 42
Mohabbat ki amanat bahut bhaari hoti hai
The deposit kept in love is very heavy
# 43
Intelligence aur performance ... background ka mohtaj nahi hota
Intelligence and performance ... is not dependent on ones background
# 44
Main yeh nahi keh raha ki mere saath apni sari zindagi bitao ... kisse chahiye life long commitment? ... bas ek ek din karke jeeyenge ... na baad ka soochenge, na pehle ka yaad rakhenge ... bas aaj ko sambhalenge aur kya pata shayad aaise hi poori zindagi kat jayegi
I'm not saying that spend your entire life with me ... who wants life long commitment? ... we'll live one day at a time ... we won't think about the future, nor will we remember the past ... we'll just take care of the present and who knows may be just like that we'll spend the entire life
# 45
Ek level ke baad insaan nahi ... daaru bolne lagti hai
After a certain level a person doesn't do the talking ... the alcohol does
# 46
Jee lenge hum ... is gham ko bhi pee lenge hum
I will live ... and I will endure this pain also
# 47
You really hate me na? ... and i love that
You really hate me right? ... and i love that
# 48
Ek baar zindagi mein zaroor milna
Meet me at least once in life
# 49
Paisa uska joh dhanda jaanta ho ... aur main hoon dhando no gando chokro
Money belongs to the one who knows about business ... and I'm a bad boy of business
# 50
It's my Tom Cruise look yaar
It's my Tom Cruise look buddy
# 51
Haar aur jeet mein ek hi pharak hota hai ... bhook
There's only one difference between winning and losing ... hunger
# 52
Postcard shot hai tumhari aankhen ... perfect ... khwaab dikha deti hai logon ko ... joh bhi inhe dekhta hai apne aap ko dhoondta hai in mein
Your eyes are a postcard picture ... perfect ... it makes people dream ... and whoever sees them tries to find himself in them
# 53
Mard apni poori zindagi mardangi ki baatein karte hai ... par pregnancy sunte hi jaise namard ho jaate hai
Men keep talking about their manhood for their entire life ... but when they hear about pregnancy then they become a coward
# 54
Jhoot main bol nahi sakta ... aur sach tum pakad logi
I can't say the lie ... and you'll catch the truth
# 55
Main juttha toh kutte ka jaana ... aur sachcha toh teri maa ka khasam ... bhenchod!
If I'm a liar then I'm a bitch's son ... and if I'm correct then your mother's illegitimate lover ... you sister fucker!
# 56
Saala itna pressure, itna pressure ... cooker jaise feel kar raha hoon main ... tarkaari pak rahi hai andar
Bloody I have so much pressure, so much pressure ... that I am feeling like a cooker ... and vegetables are cooking inside of me
# 57
Family na aadmi ko chomu bana deti hai
A family turns a brave person into a timid one
# 58
Pyar picturon mein hi achcha lagta hai ... extra baatein edit kar dete hai
Love only looks good in movies ... they edit the extra stuff
# 59
Pyar ki bhasha toh achche achche patthar dilon ko phigla deti hai
The language of love can melt the biggest of the stone hearted people
# 60
Zyada bhala na bolna ... zyada bhali na choop ... zyada bhala na barasna ... zyada bhali na dhoop
One should neither speak too much ... nor stay quiet all the time ... just like it's not good to have too much rain ... nor too much sunshine
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