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Release Year - 2017
# 1
Tujhe samjhana jaise haathi ko chaddi pehnana hai
Explaining something to you is as tough as making an elephant wear an underwear
# 2
Mohabbat bahut chota lafz hai ... meri jaan band hai tum mein
Love is a very small word ... without you, I have no reason to live
# 3
Tumhe pata hai uparwala khoobsurat ladkiyon ko itna bewakoof kyun banata hai ... (kyun?) ... khoobsurat yoon ke tum jaise log usse mohabbat kar sake ... aur bewakoof ke woh tum jaison se mohabbat kar sake
Do you why God makes beautiful girls so foolish ... (why?) ... he makes them beautiful so that guys like you can fall in love with them ... and foolish so that they can fall in love with guys like you
# 4
(Apni jaan se bhi keemti kuch aur hai kya?) ... Hai, woh ke jiske liye mara jaa sake
(Is there anything more important than your own life?) ... There is, the one for whom you're willing to die
# 5
Waqt rok sakti hoon, aakash ood sakti hoon ... zameen pee sakti hoon, maut modh sakti hoon ... tumhare prem mein kuch bhi kar sakti hoon
I can stop time, I can wrap the sky around me ... I can drink the earth, I can turn away death ... I can do anything in your love
# 6
Honth tharthara rahe hai, kaanpe lagi nazar ... yeh jaadu hai, junoon ya, kisi ke ishq ka asar
The lips are shivering, the eyes are blinking ... is this magic or passion or the effect of someone's love
# 7
Ghar ke bahar ke darinde toh sabko nazar aate hai ... lekin andar ke vaishi angrez kisi ko nazar nahi aate
Everyone is able to see the evil guys that are outside their house ... but no one is able to see the evil guys that are inside their house
# 8
Khoon bahana hai toh desh ke liye bahao ... desh ke dushmano ke liye nahi
If you want to shed your blood, then do it for your country ... not for the enemies of your country
# 9
Azaadi cheen ke hasil hogi, maang ke nahi ... goli daag ke hasil hogi, goli khake nahi
We'll earn independence by snatching it, not by asking for it ... we'll earn it by firing a bullet, not by taking a bullet
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