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Release Year - 1993
# 1
Kuch nashe aaise hote hai joh kiye nahi jaate ... ho jaate hai
There are some intoxications that don't have to be done ... they happen by themselves
# 2
Aadmi aur aadmi ki badnaami mein koi farak nahi hota ... aadmi pehda hota hai, badnaami janam leti hai ... aadmi bada ho jaata hai, badnaami bhi badi ho jaati hai
There is no difference between a person and a person's humiliation ... when a person is born, even humiliation is born ... when a person becomes big, his humiliation also becomes big
# 3
Ek dushman ko doosre dushman se lada dena chahiye ... nuksaan chahe kisi ka bhi ho ... fayda hamesha hamara hota hai
You should make one enemy fight the other enemy ... no matter who loses ... we'll always profit
# 4
Toote hue rishtey aur toote hue dhaage ko jaldi ma jodne ki koshish nahi karni chahiye ... gaanth padh jaye toh umar bhar chubti rehti hai
You should not try to quickly connect broken relationships and broken threads ... if a knot gets formed then it hurts for the entire life
# 5
Roh aur roh, zor zor se roh, tab tak roti raho ... jab tak tumri awaaz dharti aur akash ke beech ki har cheez ko hilla na de
Cry and cry more, cry loudly, keep crying until ... your voice shakes everything in between in the ground and the sky
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