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Salaam Namaste

Release Year - 2005
# 1
Main perfect nahi hoon, tum perfect nahi ho aur zindagi kabhi perfect nahi hogi ... par tum mere liye hamesha perfect hogi
I am not perfect, you are not perfect and life will never be perfect ... but you will always be perfect for me
# 2
Rehna hai raho, jaana hai jao ... I don't give a crocodile's ass
Stay or leave, it's your wish ... I don't give a crocodile's ass
# 3
Maan na maan ... no mehmaan
Whether you accept it or not ... I want no guests
# 4
Yeh koi Hindustani sulabh shauchalay nahi ... jahan bandh hone waali cheez khulti nahi aur khulne waali cheez bandh nahi hoti
This is not an Indian toliet ... where the thing that is supposed to close does not open and the thing that is supposed to open does not close
# 5
I don't the trust Indians ... (sorry) ... eggjactly
I don't trust the Indians ... (sorry) ... exactly
# 6
Sachchai recipes ki tarah hoti hai ... kuch batane mein mazaa hai, kuch chupane mein
Truth is like recipes ... there is some fun in disclosing it, and some fun in hiding it
# 7
When in the Rome ... do the Romans
When in Rome ... do as the Romans do
# 8
You are wanting the Dundee daddies to giving you the spanking on your the bums
Do you want the Dundee daddy to spank you on your bums
# 9
Wife working ... husband jerking
Wife working ... husband jerking
# 10
Funny guy, senses of humor ... I like that
Funny guy, good sense of humor ... I like that
# 11
Laaton ke bhoot baaton se nahi maante ... "Ghosts of the kicks not listening to the talks"
People who can only understand the language of beatings cannot be counselled by words
# 12
Do tarah ke Indians hote hai ... ek jinpe tum bharaso nahi kar sakte ... aur doosre jinhe tum bardaasht nahi kar sakte
There are two types of Indians ... one on whom you cannot depend ... and other are whom you cannot tolerate
# 13
Inke logic ka joh switch hai na woh hamesha off rehta hai ... aur agar galati se kabhi on bhi ho gaya ... toh regulator joh hai na hamesha zero pe hi rehta hai
Their logic switch is always off ... and if by mistake it turns on ... then the regulator always stays on zero
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