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Release Year - 2017
# 1
Kisi ko apne haath se khana khilane ka mauka milna ... rab ki badi meher hoti hai
To feed food to someone made by your own hands ... is a great blessing of God
# 2
Zindagi mein apna passion ek baar mil jaye wohi badi baat hoti hai ... lekin sirf kuch lucky logon ko usse khokar doobara paane ka chance milta hai
If you can find your passion in life even once, then that's great ... but only a few lucky ones get a second chance to find it again after losing it
# 3
Apni zindagi ke bare mein log aksar proudly kehte hai ... ki kuch ishq kiya, kuch kaam kiya ... lekin maine apne kaam se hi ishq kiya
People often proudly say about their life ... that they loved a little and worked a little ... but I loved my work itself
# 4
Kaam, kaam se pyar, pyar se kaam mein kahin pyar toh reh hi gaya ... woh bhi karna hai apni zindagi se, apne bete se
Work, from work to love, from love to work, in the middle of all this love got left behind ... now I have to fall in love with my life, with my son
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