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Saif Ali Khan

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# 61
Mohabbat bahut chota lafz hai ... meri jaan band hai tum mein
Love is a very small word ... without you, I have no reason to live
# 62
Hum cake khane ke liye kahin bhi jaa sakte hai
To eat cake, we people can go anywhere
# 63
Kal kisi ne nahi dekha hai ... aur kya pata kal aaye ya nahi aaye ... aur main apna har kal aaj mein badal doonga
No one has seen tomorrow ... who knows whether tomorrow will come or not ... and that's why I'll turn my every tomorrow into today
# 64
Teri mitti jazbaat se judi hai aur meri akkal pani se ... tu jaan de sakta hai, main jaan le sakta hoon
Your soil is connected with emotions and mine with pride ... you can give your life, and I can take a life
# 65
Dard agar insaan ke apne daire mein rahe toh saha ja sakta hai ... magar joh dard doosron ka dard ban jaye ... usse apno mein baant lena hi behtar hota hai
If the pain stays within the limits of a person then it can be beared ... but the pain that becomes pain for others ... it's better to share that with your dear ones
# 66
Wohi meri duniya, wohi meri puja ... uske sivah nahi aur koi duja
She is my world, she is my worship ... there is no one other than her for me
# 67
Film ho ya haqeeqat ... jab ladkiyo ko bachana hota hai ... toh hero hi aata hai
Be it a film or reality ... when it comes to saving girls ... only the hero comes
# 68
I keel dead peepal!
I kill dead people!
# 69
Aadmi ke paida hote hi kaal apne bhaise pe baithke chal padta hai usse vapis lewane ... aadmi ki zindagi utni jitna samay us bhaise ko laga us tak pahunchne mein
When a person is born then time sits on his buffalo and leaves to get him back ... hence the life of that person is equal to the time that it takes for that buffalo to reach him
# 70
Jab rishta zindagi mein aata hai ... toh saath aankhon mein aasoon aur dil mein dard lekar aata hai
When a relationship comes in life ... then it brings tears in the eyes and pain in the heart with itself
# 71
Sachchai recipes ki tarah hoti hai ... kuch batane mein mazaa hai, kuch chupane mein
Truth is like recipes ... there is some fun in disclosing it, and some fun in hiding it
# 72
If I slept with you, you also slept with me
If I slept with you, you also slept with me
# 73
Tumse milne se pehle maine sirf apne aap se pyar kiya hai ... aur tumse milne ke baad maine sirf pyar kiya hai
Before I met you I only loved myself ... and after I met you I have only loved
# 74
Tu emotions par chalta hai ... main maths par
To follow emotions ... and I follow maths
# 75
Kuch nashe aaise hote hai joh kiye nahi jaate ... ho jaate hai
There are some intoxications that don't have to be done ... they happen by themselves
# 76
Aapki har baat paison se shuru hoti hai ... aur paison par khatam hoti hai
Every point of yours starts with money ... and ends with money
# 77
Har kahani ka happy ending ho sakta hai ... agar sahi waqt par end kardo toh
Every story can have a happy ending ... if you end it at the right time
# 78
Kabhi kabhi hamari marzi ... Allah ki marzi nahi hoti
Sometimes our wish ... is not the wish of God
# 79
Note ka malik ban'ne ke liye usse kamana padta hai
You have to earn money to become the owner of it
# 80
Zindagi mein khush rehne ke liye sirf teen cheezon ki zaroorat hoti hai ... achcha khana, achchi gaadiyan aur achchi ladkiyan
To stay happy in life you only need 3 things ... good food, good cars and good girls
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