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Life Dialogues

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# 21
Life is a race ... if you don't run fast ... you will be like a broken undaa
Life is a race ... if you don't run fast ... you will be like a broken egg
# 22
Apne hisse ki zindagi toh hum jee chuke Chunni babu, ab toh bus dhadkano ka lihaaz karte hai ... kya kahen yeh duniya waalo ko joh, aakhri saans par bhi aitraaz karte hai
Mr. Chunni I have lived my part of the life, now I am just there for the sake of my heartbeats ... what to say to these people of the world, who disagree even on my last breathe
# 23
Zindagi mein agar kisi ne mere liye dua ki ho ... toh woh bhi tujhe lag jaye
In life if anyone has prayed for me ... then that prayer also may come to you
# 24
Bomb se zyada zakhm toh zindagi deti hai ... har mod par koi dhokha, koi dard ... toh jab zindagi ke khatron se bachne ke liye koi bomb suit nahi pehanta ... toh maut se bachne ke liye kya pehanna
Life gives more wounds than a bomb ... on every turn there is betrayal, pain ... now since no one wears a bomb suit to protect from the dangers of life ... then why should one wear it to protect from death
# 25
Mujhko lambi umar ki dua na do ... jitni ghuzri nagawar ghuzri
Don't give me the blessing of a long life ... whatever time I have lived it has been unpleasant
# 26
Joh soochta hai ... woh zindagi bar soochta hi reh jaata hai
The one who thinks ... keeps thinking for the whole life
# 27
Shaadi is dal chawal for pachaas saal till you die ... arre life mein thoda bahut keema pav, tangdi kabab, hakka noodle bhi hona chahiye nah?
Marriage is lentil rice for 50 years till you die ... there should be a little bit of minced mutton with bread, chicken drumsticks and hakka noodles in life, right?
# 28
Zindagi ko aaisi party ki tarah jeena chahti hoon ki maut jab aaye na ... toh saath behetkar do drink maarkar, jaan lekar chali jaye
I want to live life like a party so that when death comes ... it has a couple of drinks with me and then takes my life away
# 29
Main usse bahut pyar karti hoon ... ek din ke liye nahi ... ek pal ke liye nahi ... zindagi bhar ke liye
I love him very much ... not for a day ... not for a moment ... but for the entire life
# 30
Maut ko toh yunhi log badnaam karte hai ... takleef toh zindagi deti hai
People simply defame death ... life is the one that gives the suffering
# 31
Kabhi kabhi ek pal mein zindagi bhar ka pyar mil jaata hai ... aur kabhi kabhi zindagi bhar dhoondo, ek pal ka pyar bhi nahi milta
Sometimes in one moment we get the love that we need for our entire life ... and sometimes even after searching for your entire life, you don't get love even for a moment
# 32
Zindagi jeene ka mazaa tab aata hai ... jab maut ki ungliyan thamkar bhaga jaye
The fun in living life comes ... when we run holding the fingers of death
# 33
Joh apne beete huye kal se bhaagta hai ... woh zindagi ki race kabhi nahi jeetta
One who runs from his past ... can never win the race of life
# 34
Babumushoi, zindagi badi honi chahiye ... lambi nahin
My friend, life should be big ... not long
# 35
Taqdeer teri chutti pe hai, maut tere sarr pe hai ... lekin baatein aise karta hai, jaise zindagi tere bistar pe hai
Your fate is on vacation, death is on your head ... but you're talking as if, life is on your bed
# 36
Sachi mohabbat zindagi mein sirf ek baar hoti hai ... aur jab hoti hai ... toh koi bhagwan yah khuda usse nakamyab nahi hone deta
True love happens only once in life ... and when it happens ... then God makes sure that it is successful
# 37
Tune sab paaya hai, aashiq ki nazar paayi nahi ... jabse dekha tujhko duniya ki taraf dekha nahi ... jabse chaha tujhko apni yaad bhi aayi nahi ... tukhjo paana zindagi hai, tujhko khona maut hai ... aur kuch iske sivah mere fasaane mein nahi ... maang loonga mein khuda se yah chura loonga tujhe ... tujhsa moti doosra uske khazane mein nahi
You have everything, but not the eyes of a lover ... since I have seen you, I haven't looked at the world ... since I have loved you, I haven't thought about myself ... achieving you is life, and losing you is death ... and there is nothing to my story other than this ... I will ask you from God or else I will steal you ... and God doesn't have a pearl other than you in his treasure
# 38
Zindagi ka doosra naam problem hai
Life's second name is problem
# 39
Dafan toh sabne hona hai ek din ... jeete ji dab gaya toh jeena mitti hai
One day everyone has to be buried ... but if I get buried livingly then my life is dust
# 40
Jaan pyari hai toh uska khayal tak apne dil se nikaal do ... varna jal jaoge ... kyun ki hum diljale hain
If you love your life then remove even the thought of her from your heart ... or else you will burn ... because I am burnt at heart
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