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Ronit Roy

# 1
Maut ko toh yunhi log badnaam karte hai ... takleef toh zindagi deti hai
People simply defame death ... life is the one that gives the suffering
# 2
Teri hi mitti par tere khandaan ke saath tujhe mitti mein milaonga
I will bring you and your family down to dust on your ground
# 3
Jawani race ke ghode ki tarah hoti hai ... bandook chalte hi daudne lagti hai ... ragon mein khoon se zyada josh daudta hai
Youth is like a horse that races ... it runs the moment the gun fires ... since passion flows in the veins more than blood
# 4
My expectations are not your ambition ... your expectation is my ambition
My expectations are not your ambition ... your expectation is my ambition
# 5
Jab chote the toh sochte the ki duniya badal denge ... vade huye toh samajh mein aaya ki duniya ko samajh le, yehi kaafi hai
When I was small I used to think that I'll change the world ... but when I grew up then I understood that, it's more than enough to even understand this world
# 6
Hamara dhande ka usool hai ... daudte hue ghode par baazi lagao ... agar ghoda langda ho jaaye toh usse goli maar do
It's the policy of our business ... bet on a horse who is already running ... if the horse becomes lame, then shoot him
# 7
Pichwaade mein itni goliyan maaroonga ... ki bachche bhi pital ke pehda honge
I'll fire so many bullets on your backside ... that even your kids will be born of brass
# 8
Padai likhai mann se karo ... lekin khel kood jamke karo
Study from your heart ... but play a lot as well
# 9
Sarkar do kisam ki hoti hai janaab ... ek woh jinhe hum chunte hai ... aur doosri joh humein chunti hai ... zara nazarein uthakar dekho ki kahan khade ho ... aur samjho ki yahan sarkar kiski chalti hai
Hey mister, there are two types of government ... one which we choose ... and second which chooses us ... look up and see as to where you're standing ... and try to understand whose government is in power here
# 10
Jab dil dimaag ke raste aa jaaye ... toh khatra pehda hota hai
When your heart comes in the way of your mind ... then that causes a situation of danger
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