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Release Year - 1996
# 1
Aag joh dil mein lagi hai, usse duniya mein laga doonga main ... joh teri doli uthi, zamaane ko jalaa doonga main
The fire that is burning in my heart, I will spread that in the world ... if you get married, I will burn the era
# 2
Hum toh kabse apni jaan hatheli pe liye ghoom rahe hain ... kambakht koi leta hi nahin
Since a long time I am carrying my life on my palms ... bloody hell no one is taking it
# 3
Pyar mein sauda karne ki aadat in aamiron ki ... jaan le leti hai hum jaise gareebon ki
The habit of rich people to bargain in love ... takes life of poor people like me
# 4
Jaan pyari hai toh uska khayal tak apne dil se nikaal do ... varna jal jaoge ... kyun ki hum diljale hain
If you love your life then remove even the thought of her from your heart ... or else you will burn ... because I am burnt at heart
# 5
Premi hai, pagal hai, deewana hai
He is a lover, a mad guy, a crazy guy
# 6
Main mar nahin sakta, na hi zinda pakda ja sakta hoon ... bas maar sakta hoon, sirf maar sakta hoon
I cannot die, neither can I be caught alive ... I can kill, I can only kill
# 7
Zindagi ka mazaa toh khatte mein hi hai
The fun of life is in sour taste only
# 8
Joh mere pyar ka daava na sabit kar sake ... woh jaan kis kaam ki hai
The life that cannot claim my love ... is of no use
# 9
Is dharti se gaddari mat kar ... varna yeh dharti phategi, sholay ughlegi ... aur tujhe raakh kar degi
Don't cheat on this land ... otherwise this land will rip apart, erupt fire balls ... and it will turn you into ashes
# 10
Joh jab Hindustan ko mitana chahega ... mitti mein mil jayega
Whenever one will try to erase Hindustan ... they will dissolve in the soil
# 11
Agar woh chale gaye ... toh insaan nahin, barood bankar lautenge
If they go away ... then they will not return as humans, but as gunpowder
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