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Release Year - 1994
# 1
Zindagi jeene ka mazaa tab aata hai ... jab maut ki ungliyan thamkar bhaga jaye
The fun in living life comes ... when we run holding the fingers of death
# 2
Zindagi mein toofan aaye, qayamat aaye ... magar kabhi dosti mein daraar na aane paye
Whether a storm or a disaster comes in life ... a gap in friendship should never come
# 3
Zindagi mein jab sirf ek hi raasta bacha ho ... toh kya galat aur kya sahi ... koi mainey nahi rakhta
In life when there is only one path left ... then what is wrong and what is right ... doesn't matter at all
# 4
Kuch log aaise hote hai joh pehli baar milne pe bhi ajnabee nahin lagte
Some people don't feel like strangers even when we meet them for the first time
# 5
Jab zindagi ki gaadi ishq ke platform par jaakar atak jaye ... toh uss gaadi mein thoda sa shaadi ka petrol dal dena chahiye ... toh gaadi aage badh jati hai
When the car of life gets stuck on the platform of love ... then you should add some petrol in that car ... to make that car moving ahead
# 6
Main tujhe maroonga nahi ... main tujhe aaisi sazaa doonga ki tu roj marega
I won't kill you ... I will give you such a punishment that you'll die daily
# 7
Agar mohabbat ka mausam theek nahi raha toh yeh apne apne ghar jayenge ... aur agar mohabbat ka mausam theek raha toh phir yeh gana gayenge
If the weather of romance is not good then they will go to their own houses ... and if the weather of romance is good then they will sing a song
# 8
Sirf khoon ke rishtey se koi bhai nahi ho jata ... bhai ek adarsh hota hai, mujrim nahi ... bhai Ram hota hai, Ravan nahi
Just by the relation of blood one does not become a brother ... a brother is a role model, not a criminal ... a brother is lord Ram, not Ravan
# 9
Bambai ki sari ladkiyan tere do by do dil mein bhari padi hai
All the girls of Mumbai are filled in your two by two heart
# 10
Haq usko hota hai jiska kabza hota hai
The right belongs to the person who has the possession
# 11
Joh talwaron se bach jaate hai ... woh aksar phoolon se kat jaate hai
People who escape from the swords ... usually they get cut by the flowers
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