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Hum Tum

Release Year - 2004
# 1
Sachcha pyar kabhi adhoora nahi rehta ... ek na ek din toh woh poora hoga hi ... kyun ki yeh zindagi bahut lambi hai
True love never remains incomplete ... one day or the other it will get complete ... because life is very long
# 2
Kabhi toh pehli mulaqat hi kaafi hoti hai ... aur kabhi bahut si mulaqatein lag jaati hai
Sometimes the first meeting is enough ... and sometimes it takes a lot of meetings
# 3
Yeh zindagi bahut lambi hai ... aur hamare pass waqt bahut kam hai
This life is very long ... and we have very little time
# 4
Log burre thodi na hote hai ... achche logon par bas burra waqt aa jaata hai
People are not bad ... it's just that good people also have bad times
# 5
Main sabse zyada aur hamesha ... sirf tumse pyar karoonga
More than anything and always ... I will love you
# 6
Hum tum mein sirf ek hi problem hai ... ki tum ke bagair hum adhoore hai
There is only one problem between you and me ... that without you, I am incomplete
# 7
Har kamyaab aadmi ke peeche ek aurat ka haath hota hai ... kyun ki auratein nakamyaab aadmiyon ke peeche nahi bhaagti
Behind every successful man there is a woman ... because women don't run behind unsuccessful men
# 8
Doosra mauka hum mein upar waala nahi deta hai ... hum mein khud lena hota hai
God doesn't give us a second chance ... we ourselves have to take it
# 9
It's my Tom Cruise look yaar
It's my Tom Cruise look buddy
# 10
Hum mein kahin na kahin ek chota bachcha chupa hua hai ... joh bada hone se inkaar karta hai
There is a small child hidden somewhere within us ... who doesn't want to grow up
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