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Bareilly Ki Barfi

Release Year - 2017
# 1
Aasaan nahi hai tumse pyar karna ... magar tumse pyar na karna usse bhi zyada mushkil hai
It's not easy to love you ... but it's more difficult to not love you
# 2
Kisi ko tum gusail lagti ho, kisi ko bighdail lagti ho ... tumhari amma mazak mazak mein kehti hai ki raat bhar ghoomti rehti ho toh chudail lagti ho ... kisi ko tumhari baatein atpatti lagti hai, kisi ko behad chatpatti lagti hai ... tumhari kasam humein tumhari har ek baat bahut hi achchi lagti hai
Someone thinks you're great and someone thinks you're naughty ... your mother jokingly says that you look like a witch when you roam around in the night ... someone thinks your talks are strange and someone thinks they're pretty interesting ... I swear on you, I love every bit that you do
# 3
Agar shakal dekh ke ladkiyan shaadi karti na ... toh Hindustan mein aadhe ladke kanware hote
If girls would marry just by looking at the face ... then half the guys in India would be bachelors
# 4
Aaj ke baad galat time pe phone kiya na ... toh aisi laat maarenge koole pe dimple nikaal denge tumhare
From today if you call me at the wrong time ... then I'll kick your ass in such a way that, a pimple will pop up there
# 5
Laxmi ji ki kripa se paisa toh itna hai ki Dhanteras pe aap hi ki dukaan khareed ke aap hi ko gift karde
By the grace of Goddess Laxmi I have so much money that, I can buy your shop on the festival of Dhanteras and gift it to you itself
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