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Mohan Agashe

# 1
Woh tujhe mil jayegi ... tere dil ki kali khil jayegi
You will get her ... and the flower in your heart will blossom
# 2
Dukh is baat ka nahi ki har cheez mitt jaati hai, hum mitt jaate hai ... dukh is baat ka hai ki hum jeete ji pyar karna chhod dete hai
I am not sad that everything gets erased, we get erased ... I am sad that we forget to love while we are living
# 3
Force se zyada, joh log force mein hai woh important hote hai ... aur hamara system hamesha joh log is kaam ke liye bane hai, unko nazar andaz karke ... un logon pe kaam saunpte hai, joh us kaam ke maaine bhi nahi jante
More than the force itself, the people who are in the force are important ... and our system always ignores the people who are made for that kind of work ... and it gives the responsibility of that work to those people, who don't even understand the value of that work
# 4
Once a cop, always a cop!
Once a cop, always a cop!
# 5
Taqdeer badi dokhebaaz hai ... pehle burre patte baantati hai aur jab sab kuch haar jaate hai toh ache patte deti hai
Destiny is very deceitful ... first it deals bad cards to us and when we lose everything then it gives good cards to us
# 6
Kabhi kabhi bade punya karan ke liye chota paap karna padta hai
To do a great right we must do a little wrong
# 7
Chor jab maal pakadta hai, toh usse tijori thodi yaad rehti hai?
When a thief steals, he doesn't care about the locker?
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