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Made In China

Release Year - 2019
# 1
Business start karne ke liye sabse zaroori cheez kya hoti hai pata hai ... ispaat ke andhkosh
Do you know what's the most important thing needed to start a business ... it's balls of steel
# 2
Sahi business wohi hai jahan aap problem ko nahi ... solution ko bechte hai
A real business is not the one in which you sell the problem ... it's the one in which you sell the solution
# 3
Aam aadmi sirf do tareeke se famous hota hai ... sahi jagah pe galat cheez bolke ... ya galat jagah pe sahi cheez bolke
A common man can become famous only in two ways ... either by saying the wrong thing in the right place ... or by saying the right thing in the wrong place
# 4
Sangharsh ko chunauti mat samjho ... sangharsh toh ek mauka hai ... sangharsh se aap bahut door tak ja sakte hai ... aur bina sangharsh ke aap kamyaabi ke nazdeek bhi nahi ja sakte
Don't think that struggling is a challenge ... struggling is an opportunity ... struggling can take you very far ... and without struggling you can't even get close to success
# 5
Every crisis is an opportunity in disguise ... toh mushkil ko mauka bana aur maar de chauka
Every crisis is an opportunity in disguise ... so turn your problems into an opportunity and smash the hell out of them
# 6
Har successful business ka ek secret hota hai ... trade secret ... yeh secret bandh muthi mein lakh ka hota hai ... aur khuli hatheli mein khak ka
Every successful business has a secret ... trade secret ... and that secret is worth millions in a closed fist ... and worth nothing in an open fist
# 7
Tough times don't last ... tough people do
Tough times don't last ... tough people do
# 8
Yeh zindagi kya hai, yeh duniya kya hai ... ek bahut bada WhatsApp group hai aur jiska admin kaun hai ... uparwala ... toh khushiyon ko forward karte rahiye ... zindagi ka data unlimited rahega
What's life and what's this world ... it's a very big WhatsApp group and do you know who's the admin ... God ... so keep forwarding happiness ... and the data for your life will remain unlimited
# 9
Businessmen idea bechte hai aur entrepreneur idea banate hai
Businessmen sell the ideas and entrepreneurs create the ideas
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