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Amole Gupte

# 1
Agar samay manushya ka mitra ban gaya, toh jeevan mein bahut upar pahunchata hai ... lekin agar shatru ban gaya, toh hamesha ke liye upar pahunchata hai
If time becomes the friend of a person, then it takes him very high in life ... but if it becomes his enemy, then it takes him to god forever
# 2
Us guruji ke ek ek umeedvar ki umeed pe vaar karenge
We will attack on the hope of every candidate of that teacher
# 3
Tu do baar BA karega na ... phir bhi BABA nahi ban sakta
Even if you do BA (Bachelor of Arts) twice ... then also you won't become a BABA (saint)
# 4
Yeh joh josh hota hai na woh manushya ko A to B le jaata hai ... lekin hosh A to Z
Energy takes a person from A to B ... but senses take him from A to Z
# 5
Joh dil se baat karte hai ... unhe dimaag se jawab nahi diya jaata
Those who talk from the heart ... you don't reply to them from the mind
# 6
Life is death ... but in disguise
Life is death ... but in disguise
# 7
Hum log ki race mein ghoda bhaagta hi nahi hai ... girata hai
In our race the horse doesn't run ... it makes you fall
# 8
Hawa tezz ho toh stir vriksha bhi hilta hai ... yahan joh sarva sreshta hai, wohi tikta hai
If the wind is strong then even a stable tree can shake ... and here the one who is the best, only he survives
# 9
Manushya joh hai woh aata hai jaane ke liye ... aur hum andar ja rahe hai bahar aane ke liye
A human comes so that he can go ... and we are going inside only to come outside
# 10
Main lift se ya seedhiyon se nahi ... laashon ke dher ke upar chad chadke upar pahuncha hoon
I have reached these heights by stepping on stacks of dead bodies ... and not by using the lift or steps
# 11
Zarurat se zyada roshni insaan ko andha bana deti hai
To much of light can turn a person blind
# 12
Tezaab nikalta hai is ghar ke nalko se
The taps of this house pour acid
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