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Release Year - 2020
# 1
Ludo is life ... life is Ludo
The game of Ludo is life ... and life is a game of Ludo
# 2
Kuch rishton mein logic nahi hota hai ... sirf magic hota hai
Some relationships don't have any logic ... they only have magic
# 3
Ab life ki fitrat hai lena, toh legi ... ab yeh tumpe hai ki munh phulake doge ya daant dikhake
It's the habit of life to screw you, so it'll screw you ... now it's up to you whether you'll accept that with a sad face or with a smile showing your teeth
# 4
Purana paap aur purana pyar aksar lautke aate hai ... aur jab aate hai toh lagake jaate hai
Often old sins and old love return back ... and when they return, they end up being bad for you
# 5
Tumhe maar nahi rahe hai, mukht kar rahe hai ... yeh shareer tyaag do aur phir naye body mein pravesh karo ... make a fresh start
I'm not killing you, I'm just relieving you ... give up on this body and then enter into a new body ... make a fresh start
# 6
Hum sabke andar kahin pe ek shaitaan chupa hota hai ... thik woh soda bottle ke andar ke bulbule ki tarah ... bas dhakan khulne bhar ki der hai
There's a devil hidden inside all of us ... just like bubbles inside a soda bottle ... it's just waiting to erupt when the lid opens
# 7
Koi akela hota hai, apna kehne ko koi nahi hota hai ... aur koi apno mein bhi akela hota hai
Someone is alone as they have no one to call their dear one ... and someone is alone even when they have their dear ones around them
# 8
Har baazi mein ek goti aisi hoti hai, jiska khud kuch bane na bane ... doosre gotiyon ko zaroor bana deti hai
In every game there's a coin which doesn't care about itself ... but it sets the game for all the other coins
# 9
Kam paise mein khush rehna difficult hai ... par zyade mein impossible
It's difficult to live happily with less money ... but it's impossible to live happily with a lot of money
# 10
Zindagi ka sirf ek hi sach hai ... death ... baki sab doodh mein milaya hua pani
There's only one truth of life ... death ... everything else is like water mixed in milk
# 11
Itne chhed karenge ... itne chhed karenge ... itne chhed karenge, water filter ban jaaoge
I'll make so many holes in you ... so many holes in you ... so many holes in you, that you'll become a water filter
# 12
Hey sundar nar, main teri deewani hoon ... tu mera Bajirao, main teri Mastani hoon
Hey handsome man, I'm crazy for you ... you're my Bajirao, and I'm your Mastani
# 13
Arre made in China Mastani ... teri masti main nikalta hoon ... dikha na paaye face kisi ko ... teri naak abhi main kaat'ta hoon
Hey made in China Mastani ... I'll fix your naughtiness ... you won't be able to show your face to anyone ... as I'll cut your nose out
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