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# 1
Balwan ko aur balwan karo ... isse chalaaki nahi, rajneeti kehte hai
Make the strong ones even stronger ... this is called as politics and not cunningness
# 2
Jab tu paida hua tha tab sirf tera kadh chota tha ... lekin bade hokar teri harkatein usse choti nikli
When you were born you were only small in height ... but after growing up your deeds are much smaller than that
# 3
Aurat ka khaas khayal do hi umar ma bahut rakhna padta hai ... ek jab uski umar hovat hai satrah, tab saala badh jaata hai khatra ... aur jab aurat hovat hai tees, oo saali ban javat hai cheez
You have to take special care of a woman at two ages ... once when she turns 17, since she becomes dangerous then ... and second when she turns 30, since she becomes hot then
# 4
Koi bhi mission mera ya tumhara nahi ... desh ka hota hai
No mission is either yours or mine ... it is of the country
# 5
Abhi mera haath tere sar pe hai ... agar yeh haath utarkar gardan pe aa gaya na, toh tera maut ban jayega ... agar yeh haath gardan se aur neeche aa gaya na, toh na zindagi rahegi na maut
My hand is now on your head ... if this hand comes down on your neck, then it will become your death ... and if this hand comes down more from the neck, then you'll neither live nor die
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