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Laila Majnu (1979)

Release Year - 1979
# 1
Nawazish, karm, shukriya, meherbani ... mujhe baksh diya aapne zindagani
Kindness, deeds, thanks, courtesy ... you have blessed me with a life
# 2
Duniya ke sitam yaad, na apni hi wafaa yaad ... ab kuch bhi nahi mujhko mohabbat ke sivah yaad
I don't remember the torture of the world, and neither do I remember my faithfulness ... now I remember nothing other than love
# 3
Bekhabar soye hai woh loot ke woh neendein meri, jazba-e-dil pe taras khane ko jee chahta hai ... kabse khamosh hue ho jaane jahan kuch bolo ... kya abhi aur sitam dhane ko jee chahta hai
She has stolen my sleep and she is sleeping calmly, I wish to pity on my heart ... oh my love say something, you've been quiet for a long time ... do you still wish to trouble me more
# 4
Sangemarmar se tarasha hua ye shaukh badan, itna dilkash hai ki apnane ko jee chahta hai ... surkh hooton mein terakhti hai woh rangeen sharaab, jisko pee peekay bahak jaane ko jee chahta hai ... naram seene mein dhadakte hai woh nazuk toofan, jinki leharon mein utar jaane ko jee chahta hai ... tum se kya rishta hai kab se hai yeh maloom nahi, lekin is husn pe mar jaane ko jee chahta hai ... humse behtar hai yeh pazeb joh is paon mein hai, issi pazeb mein dhal jaane ko jee chahta hai ... rakhle kal ke liye yeh doosri pazeb-e-dil, kal issi baz mein phir aane ko jee chahta hai
This beautiful body chiseled with marble, is so captivating that I wish I could make it mine ... the colorful alcohol that is flowing through your ruby lips, I wish I could drink that and wander ... the delicate storms that are beating in your soft heart, I wish I could get down in those waves ... I don't know what relation I have with you and since when, but I wish I could die for your body ... the anklet that is your leg is better than me, I wish I could settle in that anklet ... oh my heart keep the other anklet for tomorrow, I wish to come tomorrow for the same reason
# 5
Apne haathon se sawara hai tumhe kudrat ne, dekhkar dekhte reh jaane ko jee chahta hai ... noor hi noor chalakta hai haseen chehre se, bas yahi sajde mein gir jaane ko jee chahta hai ... mere daaman ko koi aur na chhu payega, tumko chhukar yeh kasam khane ko jee chahta hai
God has decorated you with his own hands, I wish I could simply keep looking at you ... there is so much light coming from your face, I wish to fall in devotion right here ... no one else will be able to touch my hem, I wish to touch you and swear on that
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