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Kiran Kumar

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# 1
Joh izzat, shradha, pyar ek beti de sakti hai ... woh ek beta kabhi nahi de sakta ... lekin main yeh bhool gaya tha ... joh sharmindgi, joh zalalat ek beti de sakti hai ... woh bhi ek beta kabhi nahi deta
The respect, faith, love a daughter can give ... a son can never give that ... but I had forgotton that ... the shame, the disgrace a daughter can give ... even that a son can never give
# 2
Tu kal bhi badtameez tha ... tu aaj bhi badtameez hai
You were mannerless yesterday ... and you are mannerless even today
# 3
Duniya mein shayad hi aise koi maa baap honge joh apni aulaad ko zakhm dena chahenge ... lekin na jaane kitni aisi anginat aulaadein hai ... joh apne maa baap ka seena zakhmon se challi kar dalti hai aur uff tak nahi karti
There won't be any parents in this world who will want to hurt their child ... but there are uncountable children ... who tear apart their parents hearts and they don't even care
# 4
Waqt aur kismat badalne mein derr nahi lagti
It doesn't take long for time and fate to change
# 5
Meri pahunch Delhi se lekar shamshan ghat tak hai ... awaaz Delhi tak jaati hai aur dushman shamshan tak chala jaata hai
I have connections all the way from Delhi to the graveyard ... my voice goes till Delhi and my enemy goes to the graveyard
# 6
Aurat aur sharab ka mila-jula nasha aaisa nasha hai ki ... bade bade sultan barbad ho gaye
The combined intoxication of women and alcohol is such that ... even the best of the best rulers have got ruined
# 7
Aainda khayal rakhna ki josh mein zabaan na ladkhadaye ... warna apne hosh kho baithoge
From now on ensure that your tongue does not slip when in high spirit ... or else you will lose your conscious
# 8
Daam lagane se keemat chukane ke beech ... sirf saudebaazi ka faasla hota hai
The distance between putting a value and paying it's price ... is only that of closing the deal
# 9
Yeh chor aur police ki joh dosti hoti hai na badi mushkil se hoti hai ... aur jab hoti hai toh atoot hoti hai
The friendship between thieves and police is very hard to happen ... but when it happens then it is unbreakable
# 10
Hamare dhande mein kisi ek ki kamzori ... doosre ki taqat ban jaati hai
In our business the weakness of one ... becomes the strength of other
# 11
Woh maar maroonga tujhe ... joh shaitan ne apni sauteli aulaad ko bhi nahi maari hogi
I'll hit you in such a way ... which not even the devil would have used on his step children
# 12
Apni beti ko toh main sirf is desh se door bhej raha hoon ... magar aaj ke baad Sapna ka naam bhi teri zubaan pe aaya ... toh main tujhe zindagi se door bhej doonga
I am only sending my daughter away from this country ... but if after today even if Sapna's name comes on your lips ... then I will send you away from this life
# 13
Imaandari se chori karne mein ... chori pakdi nahi jaati
When you steal with honesty ... then you don't get caught
# 14
Lotia jab deta toh ehsaan nahin karta ... aur jab leta hai toh lihaaz nahin karta
When Lotia gives he doesn't do a favor ... and when he takes he doesn't respect
# 15
Ghar se niklo toh jeb mein pata rakhke niklo ... haath se chehre ki pehchaan mitta dete hai
When you leave from your house keep your address in your pocket ... because I can erase the identity from the face of a person with my hands
# 16
Woh insaan kamzor hote hai joh apni zindagi ko sasti auraton ke saath guzaarte hai
People who spend their life with cheap women are weak
# 17
Main pehle sirf kal hi ki soochta tha ... aur ab bahut door ki soochne laga hoon
Earlier I only used to think about tomorrow ... and now I think very far
# 18
Aankh ke badle aankh, haath ke badle haath, jaan ke badle jaan ... aur bhai ke badle behen
Eye against eye, hand against hand, life against life ... and sister against brother
# 19
Daulat mein hi woh taqat hai joh har sapna, har umeed, har umang ko haqeeqat mein dhaal sake
Money has the power that can turn every dream, every hope, every aspiration into reality
# 20
Tujhse ghayal hone mein toh bahut mazaa aayega
It will be great fun to get wounded by you
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