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Anari No. 1

Release Year - 1999
# 1
Maa duniya ek aaisi daulat hoti hai ... joh insaan ko sirf ke baar naseeb hoti hai
A mother is one such wealth of this world ... which a person gets only once in his destiny
# 2
Agar police ke paas jaakar shaanpatti karne ki koshish ki ... toh kaan ke neeche capsule laga doonga
If you go to the police and try to act smart ... then I'll put a gun below your ears
# 3
Hamari asli jaidaat, hamari asli daulat toh hamare yeh rishtey hi hote hai ... joh hum mein virasat mein milte hai
Our real properties, our real wealth are our relations ... which we get in inheritance
# 4
Kya pyar hai, kya dulaar hai ... kitna sukhi pariwar hai, mera toh dil nisaar hai
Oh what love, oh what caress ... such a happy family, my heart is sacrificed for it
# 5
Zindagi mein agar apne bal par aage badna ho toh ... sabse pehle doosron ki naukri karna seekhna chahiye ... isse insaan hunar bhi seekhta hai aur tameez bhi
If you want to grow on your own in life ... then the first thing you need to learn is to work for others ... with this a person learns skills and also manners
# 6
Bheje ka dahi kiya toh dhood bana daloonga ... kaan ke neeche capsule laga daloonga
If you make curd out of my brain ... then I'll put a gun below your ears
# 7
Jab tak paise nahi mil jaate, Tiger kisi ko maarta nahi ... aur paise mil jaane par, Tiger kisi ko chhodta nahi
Until he gets the money, Tiger doesn't kill anyone ... and once he gets the money, then Tiger doesn't leave anyone
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