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# 21
Yeh Thakur Rajeshwar Singh, itihaas batata nahi ... itihaas likhta hai ... itihaas banata hai
This Thakur Rajeshwar Singh, does not tell history ... he writes history ... he makes history
# 22
Is duniya mein tarakki karne ke liye ... na bolna bahut zaroori hai
To make progress in this world ... it is very important to say no
# 23
Ek sachche desh bhakt ko hum fauj se nikaal sakte hai ... lekin uske dil se desh bhakti nahi
We can only remove a true patriot from the army ... but we can't remove the patriotism from his heart
# 24
Hamari tasveerein kheench ke apni dukaan mein laga lena ... kabhi zaroorat padhe, toh dono mein se ek bhagwan chun lena
Take my pictures and put them in your shop ... if ever needed, select one God from the two
# 25
Hum mein toh apno ne loota, gairon mein kahan dum tha ... meri kishti thi doobi wahan, jahan pani kam tha
My own people robbed me, others did not have the courage ... my boat drowned in a place, where the water was less
# 26
Raaste ki parwah karoonga toh ... manzil bura maan jayegi
If I worry about the road then ... the destination will feel bad
# 27
Hum kisi se bhi, kisi waqt bhi, kahin bhi mil sakte hain ... hamara jab dil chahe
I can meet anyone, anytime, anywhere ... whenever I want to
# 28
Jab tak hum kisi ke humdard nahi bante ... tab tak hum dard se aur dard humse juda nahi hota
Until someone sympathizes with us ... till then we don't leave pain and neither does pain leave us
# 29
Insaan bhi pehle janwar tha ... sadiyan lagi usse janwar se insaan banne mein ... lekin tujhe insaan se janwar banne mein zara bhi waqt nahi laga
A human was also an animal before ... it took him ages to turn into a human from an animal ... but it hardly took you time to turn into an animal from a human
# 30
Izzat darr se nahi ... mohabbat se jeeti jaati hai
Respect is won with love ... not with fear
# 31
Zindagi toh har roz jaan leti hai ... bomb toh sirf ek baar lega
Life kills you everyday ... a bomb will kill you just once
# 32
Yadhaash bhi kitni ajeeb cheez hoti hai ... kis cheez ko poori zindagi bhoolne ki koshish karo, woh bhoolti nahi ... kabhi ek choti si cheez yaad karne ki koshish karo, toh yaad nahi aati
Memory is such a strange thing ... when you try to forget a thing your whole life, you can't forget it ... and when you try to remember a small thing, you can't remember that
# 33
Aaj ... aaj ek hasi aur baant lo ... aaj ek dua aur maang lo ... aaj ek ansoon aur pee lo ... aaj ek zindagi aur jee lo ... aaj ek sapna aur dekh lo ... aaj ... kya pata, kal ho naa ho
Today ... today share one more smile ... today pray one more time ... today drink one more tear ... today live one more life ... today see one more dream ... today ... who knows, there may be no tomorrow
# 34
Har din ek dua maangti hoon ... ke shayad ek din tum mujhe maaf kardo
Everyday I pray for one thing ... that may be one day you will forgive me
# 35
Kuch zakhmon ke karz lafzon se ada nahi hote
The debit of some wounds can't be fulfilled with words
# 36
Ab dushmani nibhayenge ... pyar se
Now I will be hostile ... but with love
# 37
Maine maut ko bahut kareeb se dekha hai ... kisi aur ki zindagi ke liye marna hi meri manzil hai
I have seen death very closely ... to die for someone else is my destination
# 38
Mere bure waqt mein tum the mere saath ... ab agar achche waqt mein tum nahi ... toh yeh waqt bhi mujhe nahi chahiye
Your were with me in my bad times ... and now if you aren't there in my good times ... then I don't want this time also
# 39
Don't underestimate the power of a common man
Don't underestimate the power of a common man
# 40
Joh izzat, shradha, pyar ek beti de sakti hai ... woh ek beta kabhi nahi de sakta ... lekin main yeh bhool gaya tha ... joh sharmindgi, joh zalalat ek beti de sakti hai ... woh bhi ek beta kabhi nahi deta
The respect, faith, love a daughter can give ... a son can never give that ... but I had forgotton that ... the shame, the disgrace a daughter can give ... even that a son can never give
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