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# 101
Log aksar kehte hai na ki dil aur dimaag ke beech mein dil ki sunni chahiye ... lekin jab dil toot jaata hai ... toh usse behtar advice toh dimaag hi deta hai
People often say that when it comes to listening to your heart or your mind, listen to your heart ... but when a heart breaks ... then the mind is bound to give you better advice
# 102
Kisi ki itni baddua bhi mat lo ... ke log duaon mein tumhari maut maange
Don't take so much curse of others ... that people ask for your death in their prayers
# 103
Sirf insaan galat nahi hote ... waqt bhi galat ho sakta hai
Not only can humans be wrong ... even the time can be wrong
# 104
Main raaste badalta nahin hoon ... raaste banata hoon
I don't change routes ... I make routes
# 105
Dafan toh sabne hona hai ek din ... jeete ji dab gaya toh jeena mitti hai
One day everyone has to be buried ... but if I get buried livingly then my life is dust
# 106
Jinhe kuch nahi chahiye hota hai na ... woh apna kaam bahut zimmedari se karte hai
Those who don't want anything ... they do their work with a lot of responsibility
# 107
Mujhe andhera pasand hai ... tumhare aane waale kal ki yaad dilata hai
I love darkness ... it reminds of your future
# 108
Jab do barabar ke log ek doosre ko kuch dete hai toh woh tofha kehlata hai ... lekin jab koi rayees kisi gareeb ko kuch deta hai toh wahi cheez bheek kehlati hai, madad kehlati hai
When two equal people give each other something then it is called a gift ... but when a rich man gives something to a poor man then the same thing is called begging and help
# 109
Tujhe izzat ki roti khilaonga uski koi guarantee nahi de sakta ... lekin roti ke saath izzat zaroor dilaonga
I cannot guarantee that I can feed you food earned with dignity ... but I will definitely give you dignity along with food
# 110
Aksar chirag wohi bhujate hai ... joh pehle usse roshan karte hai
Usually those people turn off the lamps ... who start it in the first place
# 111
Bimaar ke saath koi bimaar nahi ho jaata
One does not get sick with the sick
# 112
Tumhare paas joh hai tumhare hisaab se kam hai ... lekin kisi doosre ke nazar se dekho ... toh tumhare paas bahut kuch hai
What you have is less according to you ... but if you look at it from someone else's view ... then you have a lot
# 113
Udne ki baat parinde karte hai ... tutte huye par nahi
Birds talking about flying ... not broken wings
# 114
Jab pyar karne waale apne jazbaato ko dabakar ... rishto ko koi doosra naam dete hai ... toh kabhi na kabhi, kahin na kahin jazbaat phoot phootke rone lagte hai
When people in love suppress their emotions ... and give an alternate name to their relations ... then at some point and at some place those emotions cry a lot
# 115
Galat tareeke se sahi kaam mujhe karna aata hai
I know how to do the right things in the wrong way
# 116
Gham se khali nahi jism ka kona koi ... hum rahe na rahe, hum pe mat rona koi
No corner of my body is without sadness ... whether I live or not, don't cry for me
# 117
Zindagi mein ek hassi woh hoti hai joh insaan apne gham ko chupane ke liye khud seekhta hai ... aur ek hassi woh hoti hai joh insaan ke saare gham bhula deti hai
In life there is one smile which a person learns himself to hide his sorrow ... and there is one smile that makes a person forget all his sorrow
# 118
Kuch kaam aaise hote hai jin mein fayda yah nuksaan nahi dekha jaata ... bus unhe karna zaroori hota hai
There are a few things in which you don't look for profit or loss ... it is simply necessary to do them
# 119
Agar kisi cheez ki lat padh jaye ... toh woh lat aadmi ki pehchaan ban jaati hai
If one get habituated to something ... then that habit becomes the identity of that person
# 120
Maine tumhe maa ke kadmo ke neeche swarg dhoondne ka paath padaya ... aur tum tawaif ke kadmo ke neeche nark dhoondne chale aaye ho
I taught you the lesson to find heaven in your mother's feet ... and you have come here looking for hell in the feet of a prostitute
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