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Koi Yeh Kaise Bataye

Lyrics Translation
Koi yeh kaise bataye ke woh tanha kyun haiHow can anyone explain as to why they're lonely
Woh joh apna tha wohi aur kisi ka kyun haiWhy is that the one who was mine now belongs to someone else
Yahi duniya hai toh phir aisi yeh duniya kyun haiIf this is the world then why is the world like this
Yahi hota hai toh aakhir yahi hota kyun haiIf this is what happens then why does it happen like this

Ik zara haath badha de toh pakad le daamanIf she just gives me her hand then I'll embrace her
Uske seene mein samma jaye hamari dhadkanAnd my heartbeats will settle in her heart
Itni qurbat hai toh phir faasla itna kyun haiIf we're so close then why is this distance there

Dil-e-barbaad se nikla nahi ab tak koyiSo far no one has come out of a destroyed heart
Ik loote ghar pe diya karta hai dastak koyiSomeone still lights a lamp and knocks in a looted house
Aas joh toot gayi phir se bandhata kyun haiIf the hopes are broken then why rebuild them again

Tum masarrat ka kaho ya isse gham ka rishtaWhether you call this a relationship of joy or sorrow
Kehte hai pyar ka rishta hai janam ka rishtaThey say that the relationship of love lasts for ages
Hai janam ka joh yeh rishta toh badalta kyun haiIf this is a relationship of ages then why does it change
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