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Amitabh Bachchan

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# 141
Tumhara baap Sahani kahan hai? ... bataoo warna goli chal gayi toh ... saara aata pata pooch kar wapas aa jayegi
Where is your father Sahani? ... tell me or if this bullet fires then ... it will ask the whole address and come back
# 142
Ye sar kisi insaan ke samne nahi jhuk sakta jailer sab ... jhukega to uski chaukhat pe ... ya uski darbar mein jhukega
Jailor Sir, this head will not bow in front of any human ... it will only bow on the doors of him (God) ... or in his temple
# 143
Aaj mere paas buildingey hai, property hai, bank balance hai, bungla hai, gaadi hai ... kya hai, kya hai tumhare pass?
Today I have buildings, properties, bank balance, bungalow, car ... what do you have?
# 144
Waqt se pehle aur naseeb ke baad koi cheez agar tere pass dene ko ho ... toh mujhe de dena
If you have anything to give before time and after fate ... then do give that to me
# 145
Hamari adalaton mein justice nahi, judgement hota hai ... insaaf nahi, faisla hota hai
In our court there's no justice, just direct judgement ... there's no fairness, just direct decision
# 146
Tum apni haddi pasliyan achchi tarah ginke rakhna ... kahin hawalat ke andhar jaate hue aur hawalat se bahar aate hue ... tumhari ginti mein farak na padh jaaye
Make sure you count your bones properly ... because when you go to the jail and when you come out of the jail ... they should be the same in count
# 147
Jao pehle us aadmi ka sign lekar aao jisne mere haath pe yeh likh diya tha ... uske baad mere bhai tum jis kagaz pe kahoge main uspe sign kar doonga
Go first get the sign of the person who wrote this on my hand ... after that my brother I will sign on any paper that you say
# 148
Heart attack se mard marte hai ... kyun ki hamare pass dil hota hai
Men die of a heart attack ... because they have a heart
# 149
Kahani ke andhar ki kahani abhi baki hai mere dost
The story inside the story is not yet over my friend
# 150
Giraftaar hone ki aadat mujhe bilkul nahi hai
I don't have the habit of getting arrested
# 151
Main tera dost hoon, tu haddi main gosht hoon ... tera mera saath hai, maut ki baat hai, dushman ki gardan mere haath hai ... yeh uski khopdi, yeh meri laat hai
I am your friend, you are the bone I am the meat ... you and me are together, the topic is death, the enemies neck is in my hand ... this is his skull, this is my kick
# 152
Mujhse paanch minute na milkar ... aapne apna paanch lakh ka nuksaan kiya hai
By not meeting with me for 5 minutes ... you have incurred a loss of 5 lakhs
# 153
Is desh mein, do Bharat baste hain
In this country, there are two India's
# 154
Sarkar ek system hai jisme janta bhi ek hissa hai
Government is one system within which people are one part
# 155
Ram se bacha na Ravan, Krishna se bacha na Kans ... mujhse kya bachega Thakur, tu aur tera vansh
Ravan was not able to escape from Ram, Kans was not able to escape from Krishna ... Thakur you and your generation will not be able to escape from me
# 156
Apne kiye ki sazaa toh har insaan ko bhugatni padti hai ... lekin apna jurm kubool karne se, uski sazaa jhelna aasaan ho jaati hai
Every person has to go through the punishment for their deeds ... but by accepting your mistake, it becomes easier to tolerate that punishment
# 157
Jeetne waale woh cheez karte hai ... joh haarne waale nahi karte
Winners do things ... that losers don't do
# 158
Jiska koi dost nahi hota ... uska koi dushman bhi nahi hota
One who doesn't have any friends ... also doesn't have any enemies
# 159
Desh mein do kanoon nahi ho sakte hai ... ek gareebo ke liye, doosra ameero ke liye
There cannot be two laws in the country ... one for the poor and other for the rich
# 160
Mere zakhm jaldi nahin bharte
My wounds don't heal fast
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