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Release Year - 2021
# 1
Hamari adalaton mein justice nahi, judgement hota hai ... insaaf nahi, faisla hota hai
In our court there's no justice, just direct judgement ... there's no fairness, just direct decision
# 2
Aaj imaandaar woh hai jiski baimaani pakdi nahi gayi ... aur begunah woh hai jiska jurm pakda na gaya ho
Today a honest person is someone whose cheating hasn't been caught ... and an innocent person is someone whose crime hasn't been caught
# 3
Har ghadi chashm-e-kharidaar mein rehne ke liye ... kuch hunar chahiye bazaar mein rehne ke liye ... badnaami se shohrat ka woh rishta hai ke log ... nange ho jaate hai akhbaar mein rehne ke liye
To always be in the eye of the buyer ... you need some talent to stay in the market ... wealth and defamation have such a relationship that ... people are willing to get naked to be in the news
# 4
Hamara kanoon andha hai ... issi liye hamara insaaf bhi andha hai ... hum sochte kuch aur hai aur hum karte kuch aur hai ... kanoon sunta kuch aur hai aur insaaf karta kuch aur hai
Our law is blind ... that's why our justice is also blind ... we think one thing and we do something else ... our law listens to one thing and our justice does something else
# 5
Mehfil mein jalate hai diya doosre log ... lete hai ujalon ka maza doosre log ... mujrim kabhi pakde nahi jaate ... lekin paate hai adalat se saza doosre log
Others ignite the candle in the party ... others enjoy the light that comes from it ... criminals never get caught ... others are the ones who get punished by the court
# 6
Is duniya mein koi bhi banda aisa nahi hai ... jisne apni life mein koi apradh nahi kiya ho
There's not a single person in this world ... who has not committed a crime in their life
# 7
Imaandaar woh hai jisse baimaani karne ka mauka na mila ... aur begunah woh hai jisse jurm karne ka mauka na mila
A honest person is someone who hasn't got an opportunity to cheat ... and an innocent person is someone who hasn't got the opportunity to commit a crime
# 8
Vyavastha se gunehgar bante honge ... lekin gunahon ko vyavastha ki pratishtha dene ka kanoon ko koi haq nahi hai ... gunah ki vyavastha nahi ho sakti
Arrangements may create criminals ... but the law has no right to give crimes the prestige of arrangement ... a crime cannot be an arrangement
# 9
Kanoon sirf kanoon hai ... ya toh toda jayega, ya paala jayega ... lekin har surat mein maana jayega
Law is nothing but the law ... you either break it or obey it... but it has to be followed no matter what
# 10
Hona ek din sabka hisaab hai ... zindagi karamo si likhi ek kitaab hai
One day everyone will get accounted for what they've done ... as life is a book written with deeds
# 11
Insaaf kagaz ke tukdon par nahi hota hai ... aapke kitaabon mein nahi hota hai ... adalati kalam ki siyahi se woh nahi hota hai ... insaaf hota hai insaano ke dil par, unke zehan par, unki rooh par
Justice doesn't exist on a piece of paper ... it doesn't exist in your books ... it doesn't exist in the court's ink pen ... justice exists in a person's heart, in their mind, in their soul
# 12
Gunah jitna bhi sangeen ho, saza bhi utni hi sangeen honi chahiye ... gunehgar jitna bereham ho, insaaf bhi utna hi bereham hona chahiye
The punishment should be as severe as the crime ... and the justice should be as cruel as the criminal
# 13
Nyay agar jeevan ka adarsh hai ... insaaf agar hamare samvidhan ka maulik adhikar hai ... toh phir usse vyavastha, parampara aur paristithiyon ka ghulam mat banaiye
If justice is the ideal of life ... if justice is a fundamental human right of our constitution ... then don't turn it into a slave of arrangements, traditions and circumstances
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