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Roti Kapada Aur Makaan

Release Year - 1974
# 1
Joh aadmi chori karke bhaagte huye pakda jaaye ... woh zindagi bhar bhaagta rehta hai
A person who is caught running after stealing ... that person keeps running for his entire life
# 2
Yeh mat socho ke desh tumhe kya deta hai ... socho yeh ke tum desh ko kya de sakte ho
Don't think what the country is offering you ... think what you can offer to the country
# 3
Pyar ki kahani ek aisa pinjra hai jis mein mann ka panchi pharphara toh sakta hai ... magar nikal nahi sakta
The story of love is such a cage in which the bird of heart can tremble in it ... but it can't come out
# 4
Meri janam patri, meri kundli, yeh degree hai ... aur iski kismat mein kitne rahu hai kitne ketu, yeh koi jyotshi nahi jaanta
My astrological birth chart, my horoscope is my degree ... and no astrologer knows how many inauspicious nodes are there in it
# 5
Naukri mile toh degree, degree ... nahi toh bigdree, bigdree
If you get a job then the degree is a degree ... otherwise it is useless
# 6
Jiski zindagi par kalank lag jaye na ... usse duniya door bhaagti hai
Those who have a mark of disgrace in their life ... the world runs away from them
# 7
Joh insaan choti choti khushi ko dhoondta ho ... uske samne khushiyon ka bhandaar khul jaye ... toh usse yakeen nahi aata
A person who searches for small small happiness ... doesn't trust in a repository of happiness ... when it opens in front of him
# 8
Khushi ke mauke par dard bhara geet chedna ... badi manhoos si baat hoti hai
To sing a sad song on a happy event ... is very inauspicious
# 9
Halaat jab jakad lete hai toh insaan buri se buri baat sochta hai
A person thinks very bad things when the situation locks him down
# 10
Roti, kapada aur makaan par kabza karne waalon ke dil ... choohe jaise hai
People who have achieved food, clothes and house ... have a heart of a mouse
# 11
Do pyar karne waale jab phir se mil jaaye ... toh teesra pyar karne waala kabhi dukhi nahi hota
When two people in love meet again ... then the third person in love can never be sad
# 12
Sach aur jhoot toh insaan ke chehre par likha hota hai
The truth and the lies are written on a persons face
Song Lyrics - Roti Kapada Aur Makaan
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