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Death Dialogues

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# 61
Meri sirf ek hi khawaish hai ... jab maut mere samne aaye tab main darra hua na lagon ... bas mera haath meri mooch ko taav de raha ho aur mere chehre par ek muskurahat ho
I have only one wish ... that I should not be scared when death comes in front of me ... and instead my hand should be raising my moustache and there should be a smile on my face
# 62
Saat mukaam hote hai ishq mein ... dilkashi, unss, mohabbat, aqeedat, ibaadat, junoon aur maut
There are 7 stages of love ... attraction, attachment, love, trust, worship, passion and death
# 63
Thakur na jhuk sakta hai na toot sakta hai ... Thakur sirf marr sakta hai
Thakur cannot bow and neither can he break ... Thakur can only die
# 64
Aam aadmi ki tarah jiyo, aam aadmi ki tarah bardaash karo aur aam aadmi ki tarah marro
Live like a common man, tolerate like a common man and die like a common man
# 65
Agar tumhari maut mera sivah kisi aur ke haath hui ... toh mujhe behad afsoos hoga
If someone else kills you ... then I will repent a lot
# 66
Tere chehre pe mujhe maut dikhai de rahi hai
I can see death on your face
# 67
Zindagi insaan ko laati hai, maut le jaati hai ... yeh sharaab beech mein kahan aati hai
Life brings a human, death takes him away ... where does this alcohol come in between
# 68
Main jaanta tha ki 9-11 mein maare gaye anginat masoomo ki maut ki keemat ... puri insaaniyat ko chukani hogi
I knew that the price for countless innocent people who died on 9-11 ... will have to be paid by the entire humanity
# 69
Maut toh ek pal hai
Death is just a moment
# 70
Pistol ki thandi nali jab kanpatti pe lagti hai na ... tab zindagi aur maut ka fark samajh mein aata hai
When the cold barrel of a pistol touches the head ... then one understands the difference between life and death
# 71
Teri liye no chargesheet sirf D-final ... yani death final
There will be no chargesheet for you, only D-final ... meaning death final
# 72
Maut tak badhenge aur jeet tak ladhenge
We'll move ahead until we die and we'll fight until we win
# 73
Joh desh ke liye ladte hai ... unki maut ka countdown unki pehli saans ke saath shuru ho jaata hai
Those who fight for their country ... the countdown of their death starts with their first breath
# 74
Zindagi saanp seedi ki tarah hai ... seedi chada toh mauj, saanp dasa toh maut
Life is like the game of snakes and ladders ... it's fun if you climb a ladder, and it's death if a snake bites you
# 75
Main maroonga to bullet se hi maroonga ... BP ya sugar se nahi
If I die, I'll die only from a bullet ... not from blood pressure or diabetes
# 76
Maut uske liye bahut choti sazaa hai ... insaaf toh tab hoga jab woh maut ke liye tadapega aur usse maut nahi milegi
Death is a very small punishment for him ... justice will be done when he will cry for death and he won't get death
# 77
Meri zindagi aur maut par toh hukumat kar sakte hai aap ... lekin mere dil par nahi
You can rule over my life and death ... but not over my heart
# 78
Iski maut soochni padegi!
I will have to plan his death!
# 79
Jis din tu isse zindagi dega ... main isse maut doonga, maut, sirf maut!
The day you give him life ... I will give him death, death, only death!
# 80
Mujhe hamesha lagta tha ki duniya mein do tarah ke insaan hote hain ... ek joh chupchap maut ka daman thaam lete hain ... aur doosre joh rote chilaate maut ki taraf badhte hain ... aur phir main teesre kisam ke insaanon se mila
I always thought that in the world there are two kinds of people ... one who go silently to their death ... and second who go crying and screaming to their death ... and then I met the third kind
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