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Release Year - 2019
# 1
Angrezi hamara hunar ho sakti hai ... hamari matrubhasha nahi ... kyunki matrubhasha maa hoti hai ... aur maa sirf ek hoti hai
English language can be our talent ... but it can't be our mother tongue ... since your mother tongue is like a mother ... and there can only be one mother
# 2
Yeh sar na darr se jhukta hai ... na abhimaan se uthta hai ... bas aankhon mein aankhen daal swabhimaan se ada rehta hai
This head won't bow down in fear ... neither will it look up with pride ... it'll just look into the eyes and stay put with self-respect
# 3
Yeh raj mahal, yeh singhasan mujhe rani nahi banate hai ... Jhansi ke logon ka pyar, unka vishvas mujhe rani banata hai
This mansion and this throne doesn't make me the queen ... the love and the trust of the people of Jhansi makes me the queen
# 4
Jab beti uth khadi hoti hai ... tabhi vijay badhi hoti hai
When a daughter stands up ... only then the victory is sweeter
# 5
Maut tak badhenge aur jeet tak ladhenge
We'll move ahead until we die and we'll fight until we win
# 6
Jhansi aap bhi chahte hai aur main bhi ... farak sirf itna hai ... aapko raj karna hai aur mujhe apno ki seva
We both want the city of Jhansi ... the difference is that ... you want to rule over it and I want to serve my people
# 7
Woh ladh rahe hai taaki humpar raj kar sake ... hum ladh rahe hai taaki khud par naaz kar sake
They're fighting so that they can rule over us ... we're fighting so that we can be proud of ourselves
# 8
Hamari sanskriti mein pehle shanti aur phir kranti ko jagah di gayi hai
In our culture peace is given a higher place than revolution
# 9
Main woh mashaal banungi joh har Bharatiya ke andar azaadi ki bhook bankar dehkegi
I'll become that flame which will burn in every Indian's heart like the hunger for freedom
# 10
Deen deen har har Mahadev ki chingaari ko humein poore desh mein jagana hai ... azaadi toh ek din milni hi hai ... magar usse pehle humein hamare apno ko jagana hai
We need to ignite the chant of Hail Lord Shiva in the entire country ... we'll definitely attain our independence one day ... but before that we need to awaken our dear ones
# 11
Zaroori nahi hai zindagi mein sab kuch seekhna ... sirf ek baat seekh lo sab kuch aa jayega ... aur woh hai mathrubhumi se niswarth prem
It's not important to learn everything in life ... just learn one thing and you'll understand everything else ... and that is to love your motherland without being selfish
# 12
Agar haathon mein kismat ki lakeerein na ho ... toh chaaku se cheerke likh deni chahiye
If one doesn't have the destiny lines in their hand ... then they should write them by cutting their hand with a knife
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