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Death Dialogues

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# 21
Koi madharchod button dabakar mere liye yeh faisla nahin karega ... ki mujhe kab marna hai
No motherfucker can press a button and decide for me ... that when I should die
# 22
Khaash ke tumne hum mein aawaaz di hoti ... toh hum maut ki neend se uthkar chale aate
If only you had call me ... I would have come even from the sleep of death
# 23
Zinda hai woh log joh maut se takrate hai ... murdon se bhattar hai woh log joh maut se gabrate hai
People who stand against death are alive ... people who are scared of death are worse than the dead
# 24
Babumushoi, zindagi aur maut upar waale ke haath hai ... usse na toh aap badal sakte hai na main ... hum sab to rangmanch ki kathputliyan hai jinki dor upar waale ki ungliyon mein bandhi hai
My friend, life and death is in the hands of God ... you can't change it and neither can I ... we all are puppets of the theater whose string is tied in the fingers of God
# 25
Aaj ke baad teri har saans ke peeche main maut bankar khada hoon
From today onwards I will be standing like death behind every breathe of yours
# 26
Kehte hain maut bin bulaye aa jaati hai ... lekin main maut ke samne roz khada ho jaata hoon ... begani shaadi mein Abdullah deewana bankar
It is said that death comes without any invitation ... but I stand in front of death everyday ... just like an uninvited guest in a wedding
# 27
Jab tak zinda hoon tab tak mara nahi ... jab mar gaya sala main hi nahi
Until I am alive I am not dead ... when I die bloody I won't be there
# 28
Joh darr gaya ... samjho marr gaya
If one is scared ... means he is dead
# 29
Woh aayega, zaroor aayega ... aur apne saath ek aaisa toofan layega ... jisse tumhari yeh maut ki factory, reth ke gharonde ki tarah deh jayegi
He will come, for sure ... and he will bring such a storm with him ... which will destroy your factory of death, just like the houses of sand flow away
# 30
Janam kab lena hai aur marna kab hai ... hum decide nahi kar sakte ... par kaise jeena hai ... woh hum decide kar sakte hai
Our birth and our death ... we don't decide that ... but how to live life ... we can decide that
# 31
Kabhi kabhi kismat maut se pehle pahunch jaati hai
Sometimes luck comes before death comes
# 32
Shaadi ho yah barbadi ... phool toh har jagah lagte hai
Be it a wedding or a death ... flowers are needed everywhere
# 33
Galati karne waalo ke liye Shoaib sirf ek hi raasta chhodta hai ... upar ka
Shoaib leaves only one path for people who make mistakes ... death
# 34
Life mein pehda hona, pyar karna aur mar jaana ... yeh 10% moments sabse important hote hai ... baaki 90% are just reactions to them
In life birth, falling in love and death ... these 10% moments are the most important ... and the rest 90% are just reactions to them
# 35
Main maut se darta nahi hoon ... maut se woh log darte hai jinhe jeene ka lalach ho ... aur jab se tum mili ho main lalchi ho gaya hoon
I don't fear death ... only people who're greedy to live fear death ... but I've become greedy since I've met you
# 36
Maut se zyada khoobsurat entertainment koi nahin
There is no other entertainment more beautiful than death
# 37
Dhokhe ke baad kisi na kisi ka marna zaroori hota hai
After a betrayal it is a must for someone to die
# 38
Duniya mein sab kehte hai ki paise ke bina chain se jee nahi sakte ... lekin yeh koi nahi kehta ki bina paise ke chain se mar bhi nahi sakte
Everyone in the world says that you can't live peacefully without money ... but no one says that you can't even die peacefully without money
# 39
Izzat, zillat, shohrat aur maut ... upar waale ke haath mein hai
Honour, humiliation, wealth and death ... is in the hands of God
# 40
Aaj agar maut khud mere aur uske beech khadi ho jaaye na ... toh main maut ko bhi maar doonga
Today even if death stands between me and him ... then I will kill death also
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