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Death Dialogues

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# 141
Tumhari zindagi mere haath mein hai ... aur tumhari maut bhi
Your life is in my hands ... and so is your death
# 142
Jesus Christ ne hum sabko is dharti par apne koi kaam ke liye bheja hai ... jab tak woh kaam poora nahi hota, tab tak maut hamara kuch nahi bhigaad sakti ... aur ek baar woh kaam poora ho jaaye toh phir kitni bhi koshish kar lo, zindagi humein rok nahi sakti
Jesus Christ has sent us on earth for some work that we need to complete ... until that work is complete, death can't even touch us ... and once that work is complete then no matter how much you try, life won't be able to hold us anymore
# 143
Main tumhari maut bankar aaya tha ... lekin tum meri zindagi ban gayi
I had come as your death ... but you became my life
# 144
Yeh khilona nahi ... maut ka pehghaam hai
This is not a toy ... it's a carrier of death
# 145
Zyada badbad karke, apni zindagi mein maut ki gadbad mat kar
Don't talk to much rubbish, and disorder the death in your life
# 146
Aadmi ke seene mein khanjar bhokane se woh sirf ek baar marta hai ... lekin jab kisi ka dil tootta hai na toh usse bar-bar marna padta hai, har roz marna padta hai
By stabbing a person with a knife he dies only once ... but when someone's heart breaks then he has to die many a times, he has to die everyday
# 147
Jisse marne se darr na lagta ho ... woh is duniya ka sabse khatarnak insaan hota hai
The one who is not afraid of dying ... he is the most dangerous person in the world
# 148
Tumhare aur maut ke beech ... meri pistol se nikli sirf ek goli ka faasla reh gaya hai
The distance between you and death ... is only that of a bullet fired from my pistol
# 149
Jiske passport par Shankar maut ka thappa laga deta hai ... usse sirf upar ka visa milta hai
People whose passport Shankar stamps for death ... they only get the visa for dying
# 150
Prem ek ghaav hai joh na jeene deta hai aur na marne deta hai
Love is a wound that doesn't let you live and neither let's you die
# 151
Marne ke baad joh aatmayein is duniya mein bhatak rahi hai ... sirf woh insaan ka roop le sakti hai
After death, only the souls that are roaming around in this world ... can take the guise of a human
# 152
Apun to khud saala maut hai ... is liye aaj talak zindagi ka himmat nahi pada ... ki apun ko nazdeek se aakar dekhe
Bloody I am death myself ... that's why to date life does not have the courage ... to come and see me from near
# 153
Main marne se pehle marna nahin chahta
I don't want to die before dying
# 154
Sari zindagi guzaar di tune paisa jama karne mein ... magar tu yeh bhool gayi ki na kafan mein jeb hai aur na kabar mein almari ... aur kambakht maut ke farishtey rishvat bhi nahi lete
You spent your entire life in collecting money ... but you forgot that the shroud doesn't have a pocket and neither there is a vault in the grave ... and unfortunately even the messengers of death don't take bribe
# 155
Jism ki maut insaan ki maut nahi hoti
The death of a body is not the death of a person
# 156
Main un logo ki gundagiri ko maut ki woh vardi pehnaonga ... jise kafan kehte hai, kafan
I'll make their rowdyism wear a uniform of death ... which is called shroud, shroud
# 157
Hum unke darr se fayda hai ... maut se nahin
We benefit when they are scared ... not when they are dead
# 158
Agar khud samne aa gaye toh bina dard ki maut doonga ... aur agar maine tumhe pakda toh woh maut badi khatarnak hogi
If you come forward by yourself then I will give you a painless death ... but if I catch you then that death will be very dangerous
# 159
Maut ek khayal hai jaise zindagi ek khayal hai
Death is a thought just like life is a thought
# 160
Kabhi chahane se hum zindagi dete hai aur kabhi bhool se ... lekin maut hamesha hamari khud ki chuk se hoti hai
We spawn a life by choice or by mistake ... but we die always with our own mistake
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