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Death Dialogues

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# 81
Jis din tu isse zindagi dega ... main isse maut doonga, maut, sirf maut!
The day you give him life ... I will give him death, death, only death!
# 82
Is haveli mein rehne waala har insaan marega ... yeh haveli nahi maut ka ghar hai
Every person living in this mansion will die ... this mansion is a house of death
# 83
Jatt maraa tab jaanio jab terahvi ho le
Consider a Punjabi dead only after the 13th day of his death
# 84
Izzat ki maut zillat ki zindagi se kahin achchi hai
Death with respect is much better than life with humiliation
# 85
Zindagi ka agar sahi lufz uthana hai na ... toh maut se khelo
If you want to really enjoy life ... then play with death
# 86
In aankhon mein gaur se dekh ... na toh in mein marne gham hai, na maut ka khauff ... sirf garv hai
Look properly in these eyes ... neither there is the sorrow of dying, nor there is the fear of death ... there is only pride in it
# 87
Marna toh ek din hum sabko hi hai ... lekin maut aaisi ho jise sab yaad rakhe
We all have to die one day ... but the death should be something that everyone remembers
# 88
Maut aur waqt ka koi taal-mel nahi hota
Death and time do not have any coordination between them
# 89
Jeete aur marte toh janwar bhi hai ... magar insaan woh jiski zindagi ka koi maqsad ho ... aur marna woh joh kisi ke kaam aaye
Even animals live and die ... but a human is someone whose life has a meaning ... and death should be something that can be of use to someone else
# 90
Maut ke saath sirf zindagi khatam hoti hai ... mohabbat nahi
Only life ends with death ... not love
# 91
Maut se zinda lautne ka alag hi maza hai
It feels great to return alive from the hands of death
# 92
Main brake par paon nahi rakhta ... kyun ki mujhe maut se dar nahi lagta
I don't keep my foot on the brake ... because I don't fear death
# 93
Upar waale ne mujhe maut toh ek hi di ... par tumhare saath in kuch dino mein kai zindagiya jee li maine
God has given me only one death ... but I've lived many lives with you in these few days
# 94
Teri maut hi mere zakhmon ka ilaaj hai
Your death is the remedy to my wounds
# 95
Hume sirf ek take milta hai, sirf ek take ... aur agar uss ek take mein hamse koi galati ho jati hai ... toh maut ke samne zindagi ghutne take deti hai
We only get one take, just one take ... and if we do a mistake in that one take ... then life bends down on its knees in front of death
# 96
Na maut aati hai, na tum aati ho ... par Zohra Bai tum bahut achcha gaati ho
Death doesn't come, neither do you ... but Ms. Zohra you sing very well
# 97
Hum woh pandit hain ... joh shaadi bhi karate hain, aur shraadh bhi
I am that pandit ... who conducts a marriage, and also death anniversary rituals
# 98
Marte huye ko apne karam theek karne chahiye ... tabiyat nahi
A dying person should correct his bad deeds ... not his health
# 99
Hum aur zindagi umar bhar ek doosre se ladte rehte hai ... aur anth mein jeetti maut hai
We and life fight with each other for the entire lifespan ... and in the end death wins
# 100
Mohabbat karne waalo ka bas itna hi hai afsana ... tadapna chupke chupke, aah bharna, ghutke marr jana
Someone is love only has a story where they ... suffer in hiding, sigh and choke to death
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