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Death Dialogues

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# 101
Sache police ki ya toh maut hoti hai ... ya toh suspend kiya jaata hai
A real policeman either dies ... or he gets suspended
# 102
Insaan mar jaate hai ... magar awaazein kabhi nahin marti
Humans do die ... but voices never die
# 103
Maanta hoon ki zindagi ki taqat maut se zyada bhadi hai ... lekin yeh zindagi kya maut se bhattar nahi
I agree that the strength of life is more powerful than death ... but isn't this life worse than death
# 104
Marr ke aayenge ... lekin haar ke nahi aayenge
We will die and come ... but we will not loose and come
# 105
Anand mara nahi, Anand marte nahi
Anand is not dead, Anand are immortal
# 106
Jiski mrityu ka samay nahi aata ... usse koi nahi maar sakta
Until the time of death comes ... no one can kill that person
# 107
Main maaronga ... toh mar jayega
If I hit ... then you'll die
# 108
Apna ussool kehta hai ... har galati ki saza maut hai ... sirf maut!
My rule says that ... every mistakes punishment is death ... only death!
# 109
Jis din haar jaoonga ... duniya chhod doonga
The day I lose ... I will leave the world
# 110
Aadmi us din nahi marta jab uski saansein dum todh de ... aadmi us din marta hai jis din usse uski izzat cheen li jaati hai
A person doesn't die that day when his breaths stop ... a person dies that day when his respect is taken away from him
# 111
Jab hum kisi zinda aadmi ke bare mein janane ki koshish karte hai toh uske janam se shuru karte hai ... aur jab kisi rooh ki bare mein janane ki koshish karte hai toh uske shareer ki mrityu se shuru karte hai
When we try to find out about a living person then we start from their birth ... and when we try to find out about a spirit then we start from the death of their body
# 112
Mere marne ke baad mera dil nikaal lena ... hai kisi aur ki amanat ... kahin saath jal na jaye
Take my heart out after I die ... it is someone else's deposit ... so that it doesn't burn with me
# 113
Maut aur badnaseebi do hi aisi cheezein hai ... joh bagair khabar kiye aate hai
Death and bad luck are two such things ... which come without any notice
# 114
Main wapas zaroor aaonga ... aur uss din aakhri baar teri photo chapegi ... zinda nahi murda
I will definitely comeback ... and that day your picture will be published for the last time ... not as living, but dead
# 115
Yeh apun ka style hai kya ... jiyo toh seena taan ke jiyo ... maro toh seena taan ke maro
This is my style you understand ... when you live life, live boldly ... when you die, die boldly
# 116
Marke hi pata chalta hai ki zinda rahe toh jeeye nahi ... aur marke bhi bache nahi
Only after dying we come to know that, when we were alive we were not living ... and we didn't escape even after dying
# 117
Pyar mein jab tak maut se na khelo ... milne waali zindagi ka mazaa nahi aata
In love until you play with death ... there is no fun with the life that you get
# 118
Border pe marne se zyada bada nasha koi nahin hai
There is no intoxication bigger than dying on the border
# 119
Bhudha samajhte hai na aap ... woh aadmi joh zindagi se bhi darta hai aur maut se bhi
You know what an old person is ... a person who's scared of life and death as well
# 120
Agar pyada badshah ke saath ladega ... toh bahut buri maut marega
If a pawn will fight against the king ... then it will die a very dreadful death
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