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Mithun Chakraborty

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# 41
Insaan ko zindagi mein sab kuch mil toh nahi jaata ... tamannayein toh bahut hoti hai lekin sabhi poori nahi hoti ... fark sirf itna hai ki kuch log aansoon bahakar jeete hai aur kuch log apne dil ka dard chupakar jeete hai
A person doesn't get everything in life ... there are a lot of desires and not all of them get fulfilled ... the only difference is that some people live shedding tears and some people live hiding the pain in their heart
# 42
Apun ki parchai maut ka pehghaam lati hai ... apun ki awaaz jung ka elaan karti hai ... aur apun ki maujoodgi sare bazar dushman ko nanga karti hai
My shadow brings the message of death ... my voice announces the war ... and my presence makes the enemy naked in the middle of the market
# 43
Meri pistol mein ek adalat bethti hai ... kartoos ko sirf gunahgar ke taraf jaane ki ijaazat hai
A court sits inside my pistol ... and the bullet only has the permission to go towards the guilty
# 44
Shehar jalta hai toh jalne do, yeh aag humne hi lagai hai ... log marte hai toh marne do, yeh apni khudai hai
If the city is burning then let it burn, since I have started the fire ... if the people are dying then let them die, because this is my virtue
# 45
Zakhm toh bhar jaate hai ... lekin nishaan reh jaate hai
Wounds do fill up ... but the marks stay
# 46
Meri beti ki liye mujhe woh patti chahiye joh sympathy nahi ... mujhe sampatti lakar de
For my daughter I need a husband that gets me wealth ... and not sympathy
# 47
Jab yeh kapda kafan bankar kisi ko lipat jata hai na ... tab usse dafan hona hi parta hai
When this cloth wraps around someone as a shroud ... then that person has to be buried
# 48
Dushman jab humdard bankar aaye toh unki baaton se sachai nahi ... jhoot ki badbu aati hai
When an enemy comes forward as someone who wants to share your pain, then truth doesn't flow from their words ... instead the odour of lies flows from them
# 49
Agar tu sudhar gaya toh isse fighting ka the end samajhna ... varna yeh interval hai ... agli mulaqat mein climax kar doonga
If you are fixed then consider this as the end of fighting ... or else this will be the interval ... and in the next meeting I'll complete your climax
# 50
Mere us aakhri gunah ke baad tumhe sabooton aur gawahon ke jhamele mein nahi padna padega ... kyun ki us din gunahgar Deva khud banega aur gawah bhi Deva hi banega ... jurm bhi mera hoga aur sazaa bhi main tay karoonga ... apne gale mein sooli bhi daloonga aur jallad bhi main hi khud banooga
After that last crime of mine you won't have to run behind proofs and witnesses ... because that day Deva himself will become the guilty and also Deva will become the witness ... the crime will be mine and I'll decide the punishment ... I'll put the hangman's knot around my neck and I'll myself become the executioner
# 51
Kisi mahaan aadmi ne kaha hai ... "Tumhe aam khane se matlab hai, ya gutliyan ginne se?"
A famous person has said ... "Are you concerned with eating the mangoes, or counting the seeds?"
# 52
Jab bhi mera khoon behta hai ... toh mujhe meri maa ke rone ki awaaz sunai deti hai ... aur joh maa ko rulata hai ... main usse nahi chhodta, chahe woh mard ho yah aurat
Whenever I bleed ... then I hear the crying voice of my mother ... and the one who makes a mother cry ... I don't leave him, whether he is a man or a woman
# 53
Maine uske shaq ko shamshaan mein badal diya ... kyun ki Kaali ki adalat mein shaq ki daleel nahi ... maut ki sazaa sunai jaati hai
I changed her suspicion into a mortuary ... because in Kaali's court there is no case of suspicion ... only the punishment of death is announced
# 54
Aapko kahan kahan nahi dhoonda ... Japan ki jail mein, America ki rail mein, khatte meethe bhel mein, khopre ke tel mein ... samose mein dhoonda, alu mein dhoonda, pyaz mein dhoonda ... magar na mila baap ... mila ghaas mein chupa saanp
I looked for you everywhere ... in Japan's jail, in America's rail, in sweet and sour snacks, in coconut oil ... in a samosa, in potato, in onion ... but I couldn't find my father ... I only found a snake hidden in the grass
# 55
Maa ka doodh toh har koi peeta hai ... lekin badi badnaseeb hoti hai woh maatayen joh tujh jaise sapole ko doodh pilati hai
Everyone drinks mother's milk ... but those mothers are very unfortunate who feed milk to snakes like you
# 56
Meri nazar mein teri haisiyat is paan ke barabar hai ... jisse jab chahun chabakar, tookh sakta hoon
Your status in front of me is that of a betel leaf ... which I can chew and spit anytime I want
# 57
Shankar jab gale se gaa sakta hai ... kahin khopdi ghumi na ... toh dushmanon ko jalakar khaak bhi kar sakta hai
When Shankar can sing from this throat ... then he can also burn his enemies to dust ... if his mind goes crazy
# 58
Jab tak insaan ke mann mein hamara darr hai ... tab tak hum usse ungliyon pe nacha sakte hai ... darr khatam toh hum khatam
Till the time our fear exists in the heart of the people ... until then we can make them dance on our fingers ... if the fear ends then that's our end
# 59
Achcha bhi laga aur bura bhi ... achcha laga teri himmat dekh kar ... aur bura laga tera anjaam sooch kar
I felt good and bad ... good looking at your courage ... and bad thinking about your consequence
# 60
Jiske dil mein maut ka darr hota hai ... uske jism par yeh vardi nahin hoti
One who is scared of death ... he does not wear a cops uniform
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