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Watan Ke Rakhwale

Release Year - 1987
# 1
Kutte kamine tu mujhse bachkar nahi ja sakta ... main tujhe dhoond nikaloonga, main tujhe pataal se bhi dhoond nikaloonga ... aur main tujhe dhoondkar tera kaleja cheer doonga, main tera pet phaad daloonga ... haramzade tu mujhse bachkar nahi ja sakta
You can't escape from me you bloody dog ... I'll find you, I'll even find you from the world below the earth ... and after I find you I'll tear apart your throat and rip your stomach ... you can't escape from me you bastard
# 2
Jaldi se chalte bano varna aaisi laat maaroonga ki football ki tarah goalpost se latakkar ... baar baar goal hote rahoge
Get out from here quickly or else I'll give you such a kick that you'll hang from the goalpost like a football ... and you'll be goaled again and again
# 3
Khatron se khelna hamara business hai, hamara karobar hai ... hamare paas maut ki factory hai ... hum maut banate jaate hai aur society mein bechte jaate hai
Playing with danger is our business, it's our trade ... we have a factory of death ... we keep making death and we keep selling it in the society
# 4
Agar doobara tumne hum dono ki zindagi mein phir se koi gadbad karne ki koshish ki ... toh maar maarkar tumhari shakal aaisi bighad doonga ... ki museum waale bhi apne showcase mein nahi rakhenge
If you even try to create a problem in both our lives again ... then I'll beat you up and damage your face such that ... even the people of the museum won't keep it in their showcase
# 5
Aaj kanoon ki chhat tumhare sar pe hai is liye tum apni zehareeli zubaan ki dank se hum mein dass rahe ho ... lekin beta jis din yeh chhat gir jayegi aur pata chalega ki yeh sirf tumhari chaal thi ... us din tumhari zubaan ko hum alakh se ukhadkar gandi naali mein phek denge
Today since the roof of the law is on your head that's why you are biting us with your poisonous tongue ... but my son the day this roof falls and we'll come to know that this was your plot ... that day I'll cut your tongue from your mouth and throw it away in a dirty gutter
# 6
Jab tak main uska khoon nahi kar loonga ... na mujhe neend aayegi, na mujhe maut aayegi
Until I kill him ... I won't be able to sleep, and neither will death come to me
# 7
Insaan aur insaaniyat ka toh main paidahishi dushman hoon ... mera bas chale toh main insaaniyat ka khoon aaise nichhod loon ... jaise log kisi phal mein se uska ras nichhod lete hai
From birth I am the enemy of humans and humanity ... if I had the power then I'll squeeze the blood out of humanity in a way like ... people squeeze the juice out of a fruit
# 8
Is duniya mein suraj ko mutthi mein chupana aasaan hai ... lekin ek baar jurm karke usse hamesha ke liye chupana namumkin hai
In this world it's easy to hide the sun in your fist ... but it's impossible to commit a crime and hide it forever
# 9
Tu apno ka nahi, tere desh ka hi gaddar nahi ... balki gaddaron ka bhi gaddar hai ... aur tujh jaise gaddar ko zinda rehne ka koi haq nahi hai
You are a traitor not only to your near ones, but also your country ... infact you are the greatest traitor of all ... and a traitor like you has no right to live
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